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michele nichols posts on 12/17/2005 5:08:42 PM Many years ago I passed your book GETTING OVER GETTING OLDER in the bookstore. I already had started having rumblings of discomfort. Things just haven't gotten better, so I finally ordered it from my local library, and here I am in Chapter 3 and I relate SO MUCH to it. Thank you for writing it. I hope I can make some better decisions about my life in the coming years. You are about 8 years older than I, and like I said it was many years ago I started having rumblings (my life was not on a career rise). I'm so sick of the constant obsession with looks, etc. Why should I complain when I just married someone almost 9 years my junior -- now it's time to get deeper! I'm SO READY for it. Thanks again for the book. I may have to write again to thank you! I note from Googling you that you have written another book which I guess is a biography. I would love to know about your life NOW, being 8 years ahead of me. I'll look forward to reading the book. Michele

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