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Margie posts on 3/24/2011 2:57:58 PM Can someone tell me what skunk water is? It is referenced in many of the books but I only recall it being desribed once but can't seem to find it again. Thanks for your help.
Wyn posts on 3/6/2011 6:00:12 PM Will Ms. Braun be writing anymore books? I love "The Cat Who" series and had wondered about the novel "The Cat Smelled Smoke" and saw where the publisher had cancelled this one. Will there be anymore?
Jeff Johansen posts on 2/17/2011 11:42:10 PM If anyone is interested there is a continuation of the series and you might enjoy reading the 'next story'. Google: Cat Who Fan Fiction and you will find a link to the project. Not trying to self promote but want to encourage the Cat Who Community.

Beth posts on 2/10/2011 3:54:39 PM Ella had been surrounded by mental illness all her life it seemed. First her parents with their obsessions and alcoholism and then her first husband with is Jekell and Hyde personality. There was her aunt who committed suicide, then one of her daughters began seeing a psychiatrist for anxiety. But the straw that broke the camels back was her new husband. She guessed on some unconscious level she had always known it. But she was so happy to have someone want her and to have a husband again, she pushed any thought of his quirky personality out of her mind. Until one day it was just to much to keep the illusion going. She just had to come to terms with it and be honest with herself. She had married another kook. No wonder, she thought I am attracted to such people. It is all I have ever known my entire life. I either cannot recognize what normal is, or I have become so use to people with mental issues that it is my normal. Or maybe I just have very poor judgment, she thought. Ella stared out at the lake that stretched before her as she crossed her arms over her stomach and walked on. She ambled along the shore, stepping over clumps of yellow grasses and mounds of red clay. Fall had given way to winter just a few days earlier and the bleak sky cast a gray pallor over everything, as far as she could see, from one end of the lake to the other. A crow cawed and the sound of a distant mocking bird drifted over the glassy water. She had another thought as she pondered the morning of acrimony that had ended in her drive up to the lake. Maybe it is just men in general who are crazy. Maybe it is all that testosterone coursing through them that makes them so single minded, so determined, so oblivious. Ella sped off ignoring the man in the car that had pulled beside her, taking the gravel road faster than unusual. She had not recognized him and felt no qualm in being rude. Times had changed in her small town. Homemade crystal meth labs dotted the woods and she was not sure there were not some near the lake. You read almost every day in the paper about a missing woman. She gave a little shudder as she turned toward home on the main state road. Suddenly her husband was more appealing. They may have been at cross swords all weekend, but the prospect of going home to him after her scare brightened her mood a bit. She would stop at the grocers on the way and pick ups some chicken to grill and a fresh veggie. Ella pulled into the condo developments parking lot and parked in front of the condo she shared with her new husband and two cats. She got out and before she could open the door to the unit, it was flung ajar. Her husband wrapped her in a bear hug. She instantly felt all anger at their disagreeable weekend fall completely away. She hugged him back tightly, lifting up on her tiptoes to reach his kiss as they tumbled inside. Qwill, she said, I got some chicken wings to grill and some beautiful fresh asparagus for tonight. Wonderful he said, and she walked into the kitchen to put the groceries on the counter. She had a new stove installed when she moved in with him, with an indoor stovetop grill for when the weather was to cold to grill out. She loved to cook. He smiled at her and said, what can I do to help. She knew then that no I’m sorry " was needed for either one of them. The disagreement had been forgotten. For now. Qwill why don't you select some music for us to cook by and then sit here at the bar and talk to me while I prepare the food. He did as she asked and before long the chicken was grilling, she was making a dipping sauce for the Asian teriyaki wings and the asparagus was ready to steam. She was stirring rice in a pot for pilaf and she had a peanut butter/chocolate pie mixed and in the crust. He watched her move about the kitchen with ease and regaled her with stories of life in the big city when he worked for the Daily Fluxion, a newspaper down below. Ella did not have a chance to tell Qwill about her scare at the lake near Mooseville until after they had eaten. Qwill poured her a cup of her specially brewed decaf coffee and poured himself some of his brew. As they drank and finished the last bites of pie, she told him of her encounter. You did the right thing, getting to the car and leaving immediately Ella. It is a sad day when you cannot go up to the cabin at the lake without being afraid. But as he said this his mind went to the past ten years and all the missing and murdered people who had met their end in and around that lake. He would not tell her these stories, they would frighten her more. Ella was not from Moose County and did not know of his involvement in murder investigations for years in the area. When the lights went out at the luncheonette, Qwill began to get worried. The building had no fireplace or supplemental heat that he knew of and there he was stranded with the television crew from down below. Qwill was daydreaming about the time he met Ella. Stranded in
Dennis K. Heffner posts on 1/16/2011 5:44:48 PM I thought readers might be interested in something I read in "The Qwill Pun": Polly and Qwill were in Polly's front yard doing nothing in particular. It was a very cold day and Polly said, "I'm going inside". Qwill called after her, "I'll be in, too!" D. Heffner,
Dusty Eagen posts on 12/26/2010 7:59:35 PM Continued: I wish Lilian well and want her to know how important her books are to folks. The stories will live forever!
Jo Van Hoy posts on 12/26/2010 12:56:49 AM I have read every one of your books, and i go back and reread many of them. I have 15 cats of my own so they have there own adventures. If there is a book 30 i am so waiting for that to complete the collection.
AM posts on 12/20/2010 2:43:57 PM Is Ms. Lilian still alive? Book 30 has been written, is it ever going to be published?
Karen B posts on 12/20/2010 11:26:05 AM if you look back through these posts, you'll see she is no longer writing. Also, another website indicates it has "complete list of 92 works."
Cody posts on 12/20/2010 1:11:43 AM i just wanted to know how many books are in the cat who series and how many do u plan on writing?
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