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Sandra A. posts on 1/15/2010 2:26:32 PM Thank you, Ms. Braun, for all of the wonderful hours of reading and making us all feel like a part of the Cat Who family. Is it true that Mr. Selleck will be making a movie and starring in the role of Jim Quilleran? I have been a fan since the beginning and have always pictured Tom Selleck as the lead! That would be great.
Michael Stewart posts on 1/13/2010 1:29:57 PM Since this is a discussion board to discuss her books, I do not think Ms. Braun reads it. However, if anyone says that just because she is 96 she is incapable of writing another Cat Who book that is well thought out does not know many elderly these days. There are plenty of coherent and capable people who can write and, if she cannot, perhaps someone can do what Rober Goldborough did for the Nero Wolf mysteries and write a "new" Cat Who and complete the Cat Who Smelled Smoke so that we fans can have closure. Robert's writing can not be distinguished from Rex Stout's original.
Lin Leary posts on 1/13/2010 1:11:50 PM Dear Lilian Thank you so much for the pleasure you have given us over the years through your wonderful "Cat Who" books. I have collected the whole series and have now started to collect them on CD so that I can download them onto my ipod and listen to them when travelling on buses/trains. I do wish there could be more. Best wishes to you

Eileen Moore posts on 1/13/2010 12:12:47 AM Dear Lilian, My great great grandmother's name is Lilian to begin with. I have retired last year and was introduced to the exciting ,world of "The Cat Who" books . Thank you for taking the time for these wonderful books. I have read half of them and can't stop reading them. I have lost track of time and catch myself laughing with you at the antics of these cats. And wishing I could meet this Man "Mr Q ". May God Bless you in your life Here and Here after. Love a cat lover Eileen
Lil's friend posts on 1/12/2010 7:38:25 PM Lilian is 96 years old. She has good days and bad days. The book is Never Coming Out...Sorry, but we have to accept that. There will Never Be Another Cat Who Book. She is 96. Let's just praise her for all the work she has done that has brought so much joy and excitement to our lives. That's the truth to the situation. She is still alive, doing ok but her mind is a little tricky at this stage of her life, as it would be with any 96 year old person. If it would help, why don't you send her some type of Thinking of You card to her publisher whom I'm sure could probably get them to her. She's a sweet lady, let's just be thankful for all the work she has done. God Bless.
emily the wise old cat posts on 1/12/2010 7:07:15 PM I too have been waitng or over two years for the next book, even wrte he publishers but they of course igonred me. her books are better than tuna or catnip
penny posts on 1/12/2010 3:53:12 PM I wish someone who truly had accurate information would post and let us know Of Ms. Braun's situation, and whether her last book The Cat Who Smelled Smoke would be published.
Janet Rivenburg posts on 1/12/2010 1:41:11 PM I would like to know if Lilian Jackson Braun is still living
Stephanie posts on 1/11/2010 2:13:59 AM Dear Lilian, I hope you are doing well. Is there any chance that you will be able to get The Cat Who Smelled Smoke published? My Grandmother is probably your oldest and biggest fan. She is 100 years old and she is constantly asking if the book is out yet. She has been waiting (not so patiently) for the past 2 years. God Bless You.
emily posts on 1/10/2010 6:51:25 PM i love the book series how do we know when the book comes out
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