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K.B. posts on 7/18/2011 7:19:41 PM Sam Elliott, Brian Dennehy would work. it's a stretch & would take some aging and a mustache of course but I'd like Timothy Hutton. I've never been big Tom Selleck fan, but I guess he would do. Trying to think who else, all the dinosaurs are passing into history, good ones leaving us without too many to take up the slack. As a director, it's always been a challenge to take someone and let them play against type. I just googled for list of male actors over 45. I don't believe the mess I got. a big sad sigh from central Florida.
michele posts on 7/18/2011 6:56:20 PM I was so bummed when I read that Lilian Jackson Braun passed away. I went online to see if her last book "The Cat who smelled smoke" was ever released when I read she has passed away. I have all her books in hard back. Started rereading them again. Have been enjoying them just as much. Gonna miss Mr Q, Koko and YumYum. R.I.P. Lilian. Her books have brought so much enjoyment to me.
Scott McKenzie posts on 7/10/2011 4:34:54 PM I have read all of Lilian's books and enjoyed them thoroughly. I would pass her books on to others to also enjoy. Now I have repurchased about a dozen of them to re-read. Sam Elliot is Qwill to me in my mind's eye.

Rory posts on 7/9/2011 1:13:58 PM I wonder if any big screen movies will ever be made? We love the stories but I'm not sure they would go over with today's audiences with no sex and violence. Might be a TV series like Murder She Wrote on Lifeline. I still see Brian Dennehy as Qwill. Why? Well, he's portly, tall and could easily grow a salt and pepper droopy mustache plus he is a great actor, stage and movies and he has sad eyes.
Katherine Eskew posts on 7/9/2011 12:56:09 AM I will miss Ms. Braun's talent. I hoped that the publishers would publish her "The Cat Who Smelled Smoke". I have never understood why they cancelled it. It did not seem as though the story line was finished.
Rory posts on 7/5/2011 8:41:07 PM "The Cat Who Went Underground" is my all time favorite LJB book. I'm going to read it to my husband starting tonight. Her insights into human nature were incredible. I wonder if she was a believer in UFO's and in the world between heaven and earth? I hope some day Earl or someone who knew her well will fill in the blanks of what happened in her declining years for we loyal fans. RIP, Lillian.
Debbie posts on 7/5/2011 5:25:35 PM I just read about the passing of Lilian Jackson Braun. I thought something was up with the last book. The ending just didn't make sense. I will miss Mr. Q and the cats but I will mostly miss the wonderful stories and how the stories made me feel: wanting more, of course!! R.I.P. Ms. Braun. You will be missed by many! Thank you for the great stories. I shall reading them from the beginning, again.
Rory posts on 6/30/2011 6:50:52 PM I once sent her a note about my desire to move to Mooseville or Pickax and spend the rest of my days there. I would buy an adorable (but suitably rustic) cottage in the Top O'the Dunes club and have the whole gang over for drinks and a delicious buffet. Then, before the mosquito's come out we would sit outside some more, count the stars and listen to the waves lapping the shore. Then when they all left for home, I would sit and look for UFO's. Anyway, I got a nice little typed noted from her thanking me. Very sweet of her to respond. P.S. LJB fans - what would YOU do if you lived "500 miles north of anywhere."
Emily posts on 6/30/2011 6:02:25 PM The Cat Who series has been my mom's favorite book since she stumbled across one at the library about 5 years ago. My sister and I have been trying to find her the entire series. I did an internet search today and found the obituary. It is a very sad time for readers and my heart goes out to her family.
Ozzy posts on 6/29/2011 7:41:57 AM I have enjoyed the The Cat Who series and have all of the books. I will read them all over again. My prayers to her family and friends. She will be missed by many. I agree that it would be nice if they could find someone to do the last book so it can come to a conclusion. I loved her and her stories and I am also a cat lover.
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