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E.E. posts on 8/31/2005 12:26:56 PM Dear Ms. Miller, "Don't Look Now" is the first of your books that I've read. I enjoy romantic suspense and found the book to be well-written with a good pace and interesting interweaving plots. However, the main character, Clare, is very unappealing. Yes, we can expect a romantic suspense heroine to be a bit feisty, but she is so abrasive, so lacking in warmth, so obnoxious towards Tony, the main man in her life, that I found myself really wanting him to leave her. Yes, they were having hot sex, but if that, and her good looks, are all she has to offer or wants from a man, she's seriously lacking as a human being and romance heroine. I would rather have a heroine with some warmth and feminine qualities to balance her toughness. She complains that Tony has too much testosterone, but she seems to have a lot more than he does! It also troubled me that she had so little conscience throughout most of the book. It's a pity, because the writing is fine and I'd gladly read future books. But Clare is just too off-putting.

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