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Ray White posts on 9/4/2005 1:26:20 AM My co-author (Duane Lindsay) and I have been giving (yes, I said giving) away The Towers of Greed to people who love to read at the Colorado State Fair for the past week and will continue to do so through Monday, September 6. Anyone passing near Pueblo, Colorado is cordially invited to stop by the Fair and get their own copy (autographed, first-edition). We are in the Palace building, middle isle, lower level. So far the response has been awesome. People who have read our book are in fact pre-ordering our next one. They are also coming by our booth to tell us in person how much they loved it. Talk about gratifying. Our book and our even has been on TV, which has done a lot to increase our credibility for those folks who think getting something for free MUST be a scam. We will walk away from the Fair with a projected database of more than 6500 names and email address of readers who have read or will read our book--readers we can prospect when our next one comes out in three months. If you are interested in how we pulled off this novel marketing plan (please don't groan at the pun) send us a message. Those authors who purchased an ad in our ad catalog have also been tickled at the response so maybe you'll want on board at our next big event.

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