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briana posts on 8/28/2005 8:57:44 PM how was the time and location significant to the story???
marie s posts on 4/16/2005 10:52:39 PM Lisa, I enjoy reading your books very much. But I would like to read them in the order you wrote them. I myself, as Carol wrote we enjoy your books but would enjoy them more if we could read them in order. Also, when will your new book be out? And what will the title be? Thanks, and keep writting. Marie S.
Jeanne Simmons posts on 3/26/2005 1:23:44 PM I have read eleven of your books and just finished "Everywhere That Mary Went." I'm so glad I did not read this one first, because if I had I would not have read the others. I see no reason to use vulgar language. You creat Mary as having a strong Catholic family and Catholic education and conscience and yet have her saying f--- all the time. I hate that word and all the ways it is misused when people can't be bothered to think of an appropriate word. S--- is also offensive, but not quite so much. The ending is unclear. Sister Angela appeared with a suitcase. Does this mean she has left the convent for good? Why? I'm glad you cleaned up your vocabulary. Thank you for your books. Now I'll have to try to figure out which book is number 2 and read that one again. I read or listen to an average of 4 books a week, mostly mysteries, so I know it's possible to write a gripping story without foul language.
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