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posts on 5/5/2006 6:21:26 PM I found your book in a clearing house book store. The blurb about you being an inspirational speaker spoke to me. I must say I am disappointed. I keep telling my self to give you a chance but the chapters I have read so far are like a child scraping his finger nails across the blackboard. Let me sxplain, I try to find books that a Christian person would not find offensive. I always tell people how Tolken wrote for all to read and did not use the name of God in vain. The author of the Harry Potter books and movies failed to do so. She proclaims to be a children's writer. But she uses Gods name in vain. I give you a challenge, I have given her a challenge also. I think as a writer you have an obligation to yourself and you readers to produce books that will not offend. You can put your point across with out using Gods name in vain. A Writer can explain a situation or controversy with out being explicit to the point of vulgarity. You too can write without using the name of God in vain and if your books become movies stand up to the same standards. Don't let Hollywood or anyone else tell you have to use Gods name in vain to express a feeling or an action. Sincerely Julie

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