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Luise Scott posts on 9/2/2010 3:18:21 PM I'm glad to hear there are going to be more Sholian novels after "Shades of Gray". If that was going to be the last one, I would have been terribly disappointed. It doesn't give me closure on the characters that I love. Even if it does take a while, I still want more. Thanks Lisanne....
muhsketchy posts on 8/28/2010 12:13:02 AM Lisanne, thank you so much for taking the time to respond to the posts. I'm already a member at yuka, I started posting on this site years ago when so many people had questions about why your books had just stopped coming. I usually direct folks to the brotherhood so they can read your posts and find out what is actually happennging without all the juciy, and usually inaccurate, rumor fillings. I do apologize for the negativity in my post but I really didn't want you to read any and get the idea that the majority of your readers were ready for the series to end. So many people love your books and while most of us want to know everything NOW, we would rather deal with cliffhangers than reach the end of the book with everything answered but nothing new to come. Seeing your growth from book to book, I'm sure that any new series will captivate as completely as the sholan Alliance has. I only mentioned Anne McCaffrey as an example of a series which was long running while remaining fresh. Todd has taken up where his mom left off and rather than just rehashing her work he is giving readers the opportunity to learn about life on Pern after Landing but before F'lar,F'nor, Lessa and all of the other dragons and dragonriders Anne brought to life. A indicator of a GOOD book is if the reader cares about the characters. You have truly brought all of your characters to life, there are many times when I find myself rolling my eyes, tightening my jaw, seriously disliking someone, holding my breath...all of the things you do when you care. Because you've done what a good author should do...changed them from characters and made them real to the reader. Kudos and no matter the subject, please just keep writing. And if we could get all of these books in audio to make those long commutes bearable, that would be seriously awesome!
Lisanne Norman posts on 8/26/2010 12:13:23 AM Hey guys! Thanks for the kind comments. Yeah I know what it is like to wait for the next Ann McCaffrey! Talking of which have you tried Todd McCaffrey's Pern books? He's her son and a great writer too - nice person as well. :) He writes back in Pern's past, not when his Mum was writing. Well I say one book is planned, but I have to deal with M'zullian situation AND the Camarilla, so we'll see. But I have other stories to tell you might like too! Fan club is at thebrotherhoodofvartra a yuku site so please drop in and say Hi to the guys there too. :) Nicer bunch of people you won't find. :D And I post regularly there too.

muhsketchy posts on 8/23/2010 4:04:34 AM Here's a thought for anyone who is disappointed that there were more books to come in the series after Shades of Gray...don't buy the rest of them. Is that light enough for you?
muhsketchy posts on 8/23/2010 3:56:24 AM I really wish there was an easy way to edit a message to make a correction but I haven't found how to do that so I am posting this to say that Lisanne I don't want you to listen to what Darla wrote, specifically '...I'm really disappointed that there is likely to be a book or two yet in the story'. Anne McCaffrey was still publishing stories about PERN 14 years after she first started and it was only age and medical conditions which led her to stop. Both series are great examples of 'space opera' written by women with stories to tell and a wonderful way with words. Most of your fans don't want the Sholan Alliance to stop any time soon and I would love to have the opportunity to continue pre-ordering your books from amazon for many years to come. For any and all fans who feel the way I do, please take a moment to drop a note on this board and let Lisanne Norman know that as long as she continues writing, with all of the wonderful characters and storylines as she has since the very beginning, we don't want her to end this series.
Darla posts on 8/23/2010 12:09:08 AM The name is DARLA not Dana. And mine was only one opinion. Lighten up!
muhsketchy posts on 8/22/2010 11:19:16 PM Lisanne please whatever you do, pay no attention whatsoever to Dana's message. From having spoken to thousands of your fans via the internet, we are all happy knowing that there are more books to come in the Sholan Alliance series. As for the number of years it has taken for us to get Shades of Gray, most of your fans understand that you had events going on in your personal life which prevented you from being able to sit down and meet OUR needs. Yes, I am one of the thousands who would've loved to read Shades of Gray back in 2003 but most of us would have done the same thing you did, taken care of home and family first and then gotten back to the writing when everything else was stable. Sadly, too many people mistakenly believe that authors have the luxury of writing full time while the reality is that many authors do their writing weekends and/or after working all day. Regardless to how to long it takes, your fans will still be here waiting for each book you grace us with and as for leaving questions unanswered...that just lets us know there will be future books with more wonders for us to discover. I've heard that you are only planning on writing one more book about the Sholan Alliance and I really hope you reconsider that decision as it feels as though you have so many more stories to tell about all of the species you have introduced us to over the years. While it has been wonderful getting to know Kusac, Kaid, Carrie, T'Chebbi, there are so many others that we don't know half as well and would love to see future books from their perspective. I still haven't allowed myself to read more than the first few pages of this latest novel as I am reading the entire series again so that it is all fresh in my mind but I so hope you spent some more time explaiing the connection to Merlin! Keep up the good work and again, it was SO worth the wait.
Darla posts on 8/19/2010 9:04:50 AM Got Shades of Gray from and read it very fast. Re-reading now. Great book, but I'm really disappointed that there is likely to be a book or two yet in the story. Please, don't leave us hanging for so long....
mike posts on 8/19/2010 1:55:54 AM I think your books are great. I read Fire Margins in Jan. 2006 and had found and read the rest several times by Feb. Just read Shades of Gray, I can hardly wait for the next one.
Darla posts on 8/4/2010 3:12:53 AM I have been searching for Shades of Grey. It must not be available in Canada yet. Bummer
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