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r. ham posts on 2/13/2008 11:04:21 AM I read this book when I was a young teenager some 24 or so years ago. I thought it was extremely thought provoking. I am not sure of the difference between myself and the rest of the kids I went to school with, but reading things like this, hearing stories, etc., made me want to keep myself till I was married. You are a gift to give. I have recently read this past Christmas on re-gifting. You may be able to re-gift many things, but you cannot regift yourself, your purity, your untainted mind that comes with no preconceived notions about "what it should be like". Of course the media and music industry can taint that to a degree on it's own. I can say with absolute certainty, I am glad I waited, and I am glad that my husband was able to open that gift on our wedding night. Our marriage has produced 5 beautiful children. There is evidence that a monogamous relationship where both individuals have kept their purity, has a much greater chance of making it through the daily grinds of married life. Something to think about????? Thank you for this book! I have told others about it for years and plan to continue to share it!

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