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twilight posts on 10/22/2006 1:32:34 AM I'm not exactly sure. I do know that more than one person is very ill in her family. If you go to the Nightworld site, you'll find the letter which LJ wrote to Cassie (the owner of the site).
tash posts on 10/19/2006 9:21:52 AM does anyone know what illness it is? i fear we will never see strange fate... NW would be a kewl TV series though.
hayley posts on 10/17/2006 2:45:21 PM i went into waterstones aswell and they said it was being releast on the 2nd of november....fingers crossed!

zinola posts on 10/15/2006 4:17:30 PM it should be on waterstones as its out next month i will also look.
posts on 10/14/2006 11:03:47 AM No way! Everytime I ask at ANY bookstore, they tell me that it's not in their system! I'm going to check again
posts on 10/12/2006 10:29:59 AM Hi everyone, I've just been in waterstones and strange fate is available to pre order!!
posts on 10/10/2006 2:22:32 PM the name change was because they are catering to a different market plus i think there are quite sensitive to names over here i think
posts on 10/9/2006 3:25:24 AM hi guys sorry i havnt posted in a while bin busy with my baby daughter just catchin up on all the gossip
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