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Jocleyn posts on 2/12/2009 10:05:25 PM Hello Miss,Ms,or Mrs.Smith I am an 11 year old girl and I read almost all your books.I am now reading Evernight.I finished the 1st book and I am in love with it!I wanted to say "Thank You" because with out me doing book reports on it I wouldn't be able to get a ticket to Six Flags Great America.I really hope you reply and tell me how the rest of the Evernight books will be.I am looking forward to your email. Well Thank you Sicerly,a big 11 year old fan!
Kiki posts on 8/28/2008 7:25:25 AM hmm hello Ashley, I saw in wikipedia that LJ Smith is trying to rush Stange Fate by 2009. Not sure :)
Winters Kiss posts on 2/25/2008 9:21:28 AM Hey!You beat me to the punch Kestrel :) How GREAT is her website!I'm equal parts excited and nervous to read the stories ;) More Jenny & Julian, a novel about Damon(Vamp Diaries 5), and more Cassie & Adam and Night World!!! Ha! and people thought we were strange for our continual hope! Thanks for all the updates! xxx

kestrel posts on 1/18/2008 12:53:26 PM Great News!!!! l.j has a website now and she is writing strange fate as we speak. She is also writing the secret circle again, and a new vampire diaries 5, a story about damon. check out her site. She goes go Ljane smith now. Her site is
Cranky Chimo posts on 1/11/2008 12:19:29 AM LJ now had a web site. Also go to the Devil's Playground LJSmith Forum. The book is coming.
elana posts on 12/20/2007 6:01:14 PM I suggest you search for the story called a strange fate when you get to fanfiction.
elana posts on 12/18/2007 7:19:43 PM Since we will never see the 10th book i suggest everyone uses a search engine to find fanfiction and go to L.J smith in the books section. There are talented writers that have attempted to write the 10th book and other stories. Can help to feed your addiction to L.J smith books.
Anonymous posts on 12/13/2007 12:28:51 PM ((Look all the boards going dead wether we like it or not! We need to advertise people! Type in animal proboards, horse proboards, warrior cats proboards, anything u can think of with the word proboard at the end!!!Type it in google then click on a link like everywhere on the website for an advertising board and post a message advertising this site! Come on people don't give up there is still hope for Allscifi!))
Blaise posts on 12/13/2007 9:38:40 AM Hi Guys, I have had a reply about strange fate from the uk publisher - I know that there are many fans out there desperate for the tenth book. We had planned on publishing Strange Fate, last year. However, due to an illness in the family, Lisa Smith has been unable to concentrate on her writing and has not delivered the manuscript. Whether or not we publish this book in the future depends on whether Lisa writes it. We hope she does! But I’m afraid it doesn't look like we'll be publishing it any time soon.
kestrel posts on 11/8/2007 1:33:52 PM If you like vampire romance, please read maggie shayne's wings of the night series, at least until strange fate is released.
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