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Ella posts on 4/19/2007 12:09:36 PM Im also awaiting the release of Strange Fate and expect to have to wait longer than anyone - thats usually the way in Australia. I started off borrowing Daughters of Darkness when I was 12. thinking about over the years with fond memory and then collecting the rest But to tide you guys over, do yourself a favour and check out Traci Harding. Her two related trilogies The Ancient Future (Ancient Future, An Echo in Time, Masters of Reality) and The Celestial Triad (Chronicle of Ages, Tablet of Destinies, Cosmic Logos) are perhaps the best books I have ever read. Everytime I reach the last book I feel the loss and want to start book one again. Magic, Gods, Time travel, soulmates, the past, the present, the future - its all there and you will fall in love with all of the characters in all of their incarnations ;) *Steps down of her soapbox*
Shilo posts on 4/14/2007 4:17:12 PM What are your absolute favorite L.J. Smith books? I absolutely love the Night World series, especially Daughters of Darkness, The Chosen, and Black Dawn. I also loved the Vampire Diaries and Dark Visions. I thought that The Secret Circle was okay--and since it was an L.J. Smith book, "okay" means really good, just not as good as the others. And the Forbidden Game was interesting. Not the typical story, but effective--it made me cry at the end.
Mage posts on 4/12/2007 5:30:57 AM hey everyone! havent posted in ages! can i have a quick update? whats going on? what are some hot books to read? is LJ the real LJSMITH?? Mage xx

Starlight posts on 4/8/2007 5:19:57 PM Hey guys! I've come to suggest a new series that I've found. The first book is called Twilight and the second book in the series is called New Moon. The series is by Stephenie Meyer and the third book will be coming out this August. It's a great series and I highly recommend it. :)
mare posts on 3/20/2007 5:47:18 AM hey everyone i know what ur sayin winters kiss it would be horrible
Winters Kiss posts on 3/19/2007 8:35:25 PM What if it was thee L.J Smith? Wow, how cool and what a relief at finally knowing that Strange Fate will be out! If not, how nasty of that person. Maybe finally we will get to read the other stories!
ya girl posts on 3/15/2007 10:22:22 PM I guess we have no way in knowing if that is the Real LJ Smith but the Vampire Diaries are been re-leased according to amazon.
LJ posts on 3/15/2007 2:30:28 PM Strange Fate will be released the end of this year along with the rest of the Nightworld titles. The Vampire Diaries will also be re-released. Please be patient, and thanks for your support.
Pamela posts on 2/22/2007 4:23:05 PM hi, i have't read many of the books but the ones i have are great!!!!
Michaela posts on 1/11/2007 5:18:21 PM You know, it would be interesting to look into if she is still alive or not. Either she was sick or a membe of her family was sick in 1998. If it was her she may have passed, asked for it not to be made public so her family could grieve in privite, and never finished her book. All the others were finished as they should be, all except for this one. It does make you wonder....
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