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Winters Kiss posts on 11/17/2006 8:22:11 AM Hasn't 'Cassie' already started a petition? We need info from the 'horses mouth'. Who has L.J Smiths address? :)
Thi posts on 11/16/2006 10:41:47 PM i know the petition thing is my idea, but im not qualified for the job, you see, i don't know how to start an online petition. someone else is gonna have to step up and give us a hand. i also sent several emails to several bookshops (including waterstones) and they have all replied saying sorry to disappoint, but it has been cancelled. what a bummer, all those years wasted with more to come i suspect ...
Diana posts on 11/14/2006 3:38:39 AM I say we start signing a petition. This is ridiculous and I'm sure everyone is just as frustrated as I am.

Gem posts on 11/9/2006 1:12:12 PM I would definatly sign a petition. WHSmith told me that the book was being re-published, which is confusing as it doesn't appear to be even published yet. Amazon say that the copy is unavailable. I looked up strange DATE on Waterstones, but there was no image to go with it, so I'm not sure if that was just a mis-print or not. Will keep trying! Fingers crossed!
zinola posts on 11/9/2006 6:02:24 AM i went to waterstones and i was told that it was cancelled but when i rang up they gave me another name and a ipsn code which isnt valed. i think the patition is a good idea. as i am dying to know what happens next. i am going ro try some online shopps and see what they come up with so i will keep you posted. i aint giving up hope so neither should you. we shall get our hands on it someday
Thi posts on 11/8/2006 9:58:32 PM these waterstones people really need to get their facts straight. they're telling half of us its available and telling the other half its cancelled! whats going on here? they're just like LJ Smith with her books! is it available or not?! maybe we need to take action and sign a petition or the one on simonsays, but this one would say we dmeand to know strangefate's situation and we want to know now! or something along that line ... :)
Nicole posts on 11/8/2006 9:07:23 PM I sent an email to the customer service department of Waterstones and they replied that the publishers dropped the book and it would not be released. Sorry everyone, I think it's over. Eight long years and it's over...this is the worst!
Shea posts on 11/8/2006 8:05:23 PM I wanted to let you guys know that I talked to waterstone's about my order, and they said that they are able to send me the book "Strange Fate." So any skeptics out there need to go to the waterstone's web site and email customer services with your questions.
Winters Kiss posts on 11/8/2006 5:07:35 AM L.J Smith MUST know that all her 'fans' are still waiting. If only we could get a definitive answer as to Strange Fates publication; Will we hear how the millenium war ended and what happened to all the soulmates etc!?! I will still keep hope (i may be delusional), but I just wish we could know one way or the other; all the rumours are killing me, ya know? Take Care all xxx
ya girl posts on 11/6/2006 12:13:27 AM I think that series is a fear street series. RL Stine
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