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Adnamarine posts on 1/10/2006 6:43:46 PM WHY is no one posting? I started to read (or rather, listen to) The Remarkable Journey of Prince Jen and I didn't really get into it. Is it good?
Lady posts on 1/7/2006 4:31:07 PM Actually, this is Adnamarine. I had to borrow my sister's name because they won't let me post under mine:( You got the series for CHRISTMAS?! You are SO lucky. Not that I'm not quite happy with what I received, but owning that series would be absolutely wondrous. I must admit that I have not read it in a while and it would be an excellent opportunity for me to do so. Lloyd Alexander is certainly an amazing author. I'm pretty sure that I have read every single one of his books at least twice over (except the Gawgon and the boy). A few of my other favorites are Robin McKinley, Ann Rinaldi, Ann McCaffrey, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (except her vampire books which I don't think I will ever even attempt to read), Meghan Whalen Turned, Garth Nix, and J.R.R. Tolkien, just to name a few. They are very good, I suggest you try them some time. In the meantime, however, do enjoy your new books Gurgi:) I greatly envy you them.
Sasha posts on 1/7/2006 1:02:57 PM Gurgi you got the series for Christmas? goodness you are lucky. XD but I am happy with the things that I had recieved as well. I must say that this book has alot of detail in it. However some of the detail wasn't as good as I hoped but all in all it was very interesting.

Gurgi posts on 12/6/2005 6:21:48 PM Yeah, I really love Lloyd Alexander. And all of my close friends would say 'over obsessive.' I also like T.A. Barron, Obert Skye, and Brian Jaqcues. (sp?) But Lloyd Alexander and Mary Downing Hahn really introduced me to the liking of reading. Now I love to read, even more than one at a time. So yeah, you guys should read books from all those authors, they are way cool. But personally, I am not a big fan of Harry Potter, not that I don't like the sorcery and all and I don't think it's TOO dark but it just doesn't interest me that much. But yeah, Lloyd Alexander is WAY cool and last Christmas I got ALL of the Prydain series, the Foundling, and a Prydain Guide! I also really liked the Gawgon and the Boy. WRITE BACK PEOPLE! ~Gurgi
Maccabee posts on 12/4/2005 4:46:50 PM I'm sorry, Brianna, but this isn't an author-run site. It's just for fans to talk about the work. To the best of my knowledge Lloyd Alexander has never been to this website. However the rest of us are always happy to talk about this stuff with new fans, so please keep on posting.
Brianna posts on 12/4/2005 12:36:48 AM Hey Lloyd Alexander...I am a big fan of your books. I've always wanted to meet you. So far I have read,"The Book of Three","The Black Cauldron","The Castle of Llyr" and "Taran Wanderer". Right now I'm just starting to read "The High King".I am 12 yrs. old and I started reading your books when I was 7 yrs.old but it took me 3 yrs to find your book "The Castle of Llyr" so thats why I am so behind on reading your books. I love your books and all the characters because they all have thier own little personalities. Please write me back i have waited so long to meet you and I can't wait any longer. I'm so excited!! I just got a computer and I'm so happy!!Anyways PLEASE write me back!! Your Fan, Brianna
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