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Lacey-Anne Watkins posts on 6/12/2014 6:07:52 PM Fantastic book and film. I believe something happened. Carry on writing and doing the screen plays.
Phil Plas posts on 1/29/2014 9:57:49 AM In light of the recent events at the Dozier School for Boys in Florida, I hope this puts to rest any false accusations of fictional material for your work in Sleepers. In lay terms, I hope it shuts the pie-holes of all the nay-sayers once and for all.
Bruce Swanton posts on 12/17/2013 12:50:16 AM Just watched your 2003 Law and Order episode "Couples." Wonderful that you managed to convince them to do this episode. So against their episode structure. Really caught me leaning the wrong way (watching it in 2013), as I imagine it did many 2003 viewers. This was brilliant stuff. Not meaning that term lightly. There should be something like a series TV episode Pulitzer. I can only tell you that as a finicky entertainment consumer, coming across something like this was astonishing. Thank you very much for a level of work and ambition that I can only imagine. It was wonderful to see it realized right there in front of my face. Splendid, sir, just splendid. Bruce Swanton Tesuque, New Mexico 505 660-8179 Come and stay for free anytime

tanya posts on 12/18/2012 8:38:08 AM I have watched the film about to read the book , weather its true or not still highlights the fact that another human can inflict such pain to their fellow man , sickens me to think of the hurt and pain caused by these animals , I know first hand how this can affect the outcome of some ones life , for me the film gave hope that in all wrong that good always comes , this is probably not anything to do what anyone thinks on this but for me I had a glimmer of hope xoxo
brian j. parent posts on 3/2/2012 2:06:58 AM sleepers is a person who did time as a juvy offenders. it said it both in the movie and the book. i believe it is a true story. but i believe it is in the late 40's early 1950's. i can tell from the "things" in the Catholic Church...and yes i do believe that a priest would lie in the case shown in the film.
Armando Garcia posts on 8/6/2010 9:56:15 PM Carcaterra is conning all of you who fall for his claim this story is true. Put on your common sense hat for a moment. Besides the sheer absurdity of all the incidents he recounts in his BS story, every one of the people/characters in his book supposedly asked for anonymity. Does that sound likely. Everyone is so tough growing up in Hell's Kitchen and yet no one is willing to publicly confirm his story. Gee, how convenient for him. He probably could have made just as much money if he had just been honest and admitted that this story is fiction, but good con men know how gullible people can be, so I suppose he played the odds and won.
priya posts on 1/4/2010 12:02:52 PM i've been asked many times that why has the book been named sleepers? i need to do a presentation on this so could someone help me out please, thank you.
Phinn posts on 8/14/2007 7:13:05 AM I go to an IB school and have chosen to write about Sleepers for my extended essay. One question which has come to my mind is; is it actually based on Carcaterra's own experiences? Even though he says it is this topic is very subjective
posts on 10/4/2006 3:01:32 PM I don't agree with whoever said it takes too long to get to the point, I think the lead up is just as important. Really it's a book in 3 parts, before, during and after prison, and I think it makes the point very very well. and to the other poster, yes it is based on his life.
posts on 9/18/2006 10:47:47 AM After reading this book it brought me so close to tears but i have seen the film ,and the book was so close to the film with is a good thing so often the books are completely different ,and if you read this and dont get it then fine but some of us do get it this book is about friendship and how when you do something bad it does come round and bites you on the arse to put it bluntly. I was glued to the pages though it all, a great book a eye opener and it puts your own life in reality making you think its not that bad after all
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