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julie posts on 1/10/2008 1:28:45 PM I can't hurt any to send a message. I'll send one out today.My order hasn't been cancelled yet, so I'm hoping!
Jim posts on 1/9/2008 7:40:50 PM If you have found shadows past could you put in a link. Thanks, I also did some looking New amer Library is part of penguin
Kari posts on 1/9/2008 11:08:53 AM Forget Penguin! Found Shadows Past at Tower books Release date is 2008-01-02. Publ: New Amer Library.

Dan posts on 1/8/2008 11:21:54 PM I contacted Penguin as well. They also told me that they had no plans to publish the novel and that no other information was available. But they did say that they would forward letters to Lorna Freeman at the below address. Lorna Freeman Penguin Group (USA) Inc. c/o Roc Publicity 375 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014
Sarah posts on 1/8/2008 11:56:14 AM This series is the greatest I've ever read! I've been waiting a long time for the third book to come out, and it would be such a dissapointment if it got cancelled. I'd love to tell Lorna Freeman directly just how talented she is, but I don't know how. If only I could do that... Maybe I should generate publicity by starting some kind of club on Deviantart or other sites...
Patricia posts on 1/7/2008 5:22:57 PM I'm afraid that I got the email from the publisher this morning. I have a copy on order through B&N, but I doubt if I will get the book. Please email the publisher (Roc, owned by Penguin) to ask about the book. And you can request that your local library purchase copies of her current books. Anything that will generate interest in the books will interest the publisher in actually publishing Shadows Past. Get your friends to email Penguin!
David posts on 1/7/2008 4:13:48 PM Why is communication so difficult? I will feel terrible if the author is somehow physically unable to communicate to her readers, but I still feel compelled to point out that this should not be happening. With technology what it is today, mass communication is extremely easy. And not only is it easy, it is essential in marketing one’s book. I have no idea what is wrong with the book, and because I have no idea I cannot even begin to take action (if action is even possible). Is the publisher simply canceling the book because previous volumes did not sell well? But if that is so, then why has “Shadows Past” been listed for months on the Internet? Did the publisher just discover that the previous books were poor sellers? Has the book been postponed to give the author more time for rewrites? Has there been a breakdown between the author and the publisher, and now the author is looking for a new publisher? Who knows, I certainly don’t. The fact that I still haven’t seen a cover for “Shadows Past” is not encouraging. Usually cover art is available months before publication, as was the case with “The King’s Own.” Nonetheless, I still hope that “Shadows Past” will be released sometime in the future. I find Freeman’s work superior to a lot of the stuff out there today. I just wish she would help herself out here.
julie posts on 1/7/2008 1:50:06 PM When I called Barnes and Noble, they claimed the book was available again, but they had no plans to carry it. They said they could order it in though. Next I called Borders. They claim that the book is coming out on January 31st and took my order. I have not recieved another post card claiming it will not be published again. How long ago was the publisher's response? Please say weeks ago.
Patricia posts on 1/7/2008 1:17:30 PM I emailed the publisher, who replied that they have no current plans to publish Shadows Past. I indicated my disappointment. If enough people ask about the book, maybe they will bring it out.
Roy posts on 1/5/2008 10:10:14 PM I went to Barnes and Noble and they said that the date must have been changed, because they show that it is out but they do not have any stock in their warehouses.
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