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julie posts on 1/1/2008 4:59:09 PM I just visited a Barnes and Noble site that claimed the new book was out today. Doubt it, but I will call.
Zach posts on 12/26/2007 10:16:37 PM Agree completely with all of these sentiments. It would be nice to have definitive information about the next book, if there is one. One hopes that the author is well and that release is merely delayed. Perhaps Ms. Freeman could post an update?
julie posts on 12/26/2007 2:18:09 PM If anyone out there finds out anything about the new book, please let me know at Iam hoping that the release has simply been delayed, and that Borders' postcard of "publisher may never release this book, check back in one year" is a standard response to any delay. Hopefully?

David posts on 12/24/2007 7:51:53 PM It would be a lot easier if the author would simply start a blog, livejournal, or myspace page. Anything that would help her readers out here. I am a fan of the series and would like to buy the new book, but now I have no idea if there is any new book at all. Really, how hard is it to give some minimal information to the people trying to support your work.
julie posts on 12/21/2007 11:58:52 AM Borders bookstore just cancelled my order saying the publisher has no plans to release the book, try back in one year! What's the deal? I love this series! It obviously needs a new publisher!
Natesa posts on 11/28/2007 1:26:21 PM Did they really cancel it? I was looking at the publishers website and it doesn't mention the book at all.
Jehnk posts on 11/24/2007 5:46:53 AM Does anyone know why lorna freemans shadow past has been cancelled by the publisher? I went in to a book store to check release dates and they told me the publisher has cancelled the release date - please help as i was hanging out for this book
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Katherine posts on 11/8/2007 5:19:14 PM From Publishers Weekly: Shadows Past: A Borderlands Novel (Jan., $7.99) by Lorna Freeman continues the Borderlands series. Yup, January as in 2008.
julie posts on 10/15/2007 10:53:12 PM I have been trying to figure out what the new book will be about, and I am wondering if it has something to do with the real reason Rabbit's parents fled their home country.
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