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posts on 7/29/2006 6:53:04 PM After Rabbit's boot knife causing so much trouble, what does he plan to do about his sword?
posts on 7/12/2006 3:58:46 PM I am so excited to hear that Ms. Freemen has written and sold two more borderland books to Roc. I have read both of her first books at least a dozen times and am reading them to my little cousin. She is already hooked! I hope to see the next one out by the end of this year, but who knows how long it will actually take.
posts on 5/8/2006 12:09:16 AM I have read both books now many times and I am hooked. Please put out another very soon. I am especially impressed with the way animals such as Laurel the faena cat are depicted. It could easily have come across so silly. However each character in these two books seems very complete from temper to quirks!

Ashe Daylan posts on 3/31/2006 1:28:04 PM Many people have different definitions of a good book.Some go by lenght, content , style and even print. For me its quiet simple. How many times have you reread it? The first borderlands novel I got a month after it came out, I read within 24 hour of getting it. then 2 days later I reread it and since then I have reread it 5 more times then 2 day ago i found the second one and i now i am in the processes of rereading it again.
June posts on 2/26/2006 10:25:01 PM Hi all, I am currently reading covenants, so far its been interesting. My only complaint is that there is no map of this world so I can't see in my imagination what the world would look like. If anyone knows the author it would be great if we could get a map of this world to make it less confusing to some. Thanks June
skywinder posts on 2/16/2006 4:33:22 PM By now I hope you have all had the opportunity to read the new book "King's Own" #2 in Borderlands series. Just read today in Locus that Ms. Freeman has sold books #3 and #4 in Borderlands series to the publisher Roc! Sold to Anne Sowards via Jennie Dunham. No titles given.
Judy Otis Nissen posts on 1/18/2006 8:16:08 PM I wondering if this is the Lorna Stearns Freeman that graduated from Billing West High School in Billings Montana. If so could you let me know how to contact her. Or you could give her my email address bwhs66@hotmail and have her contact me. Thank you, Enjoy Life!! Judy Otis Nissen
Sky Winder posts on 12/19/2005 9:39:20 AM "The King's Own: A Borderlands Novel" by L. Freeman, release date 2/7/2006 from Roc. If anyone has it now, they are illegally selling promo copies. zero stores warehouse inventory as of 12/05. This is fact/I can check. Not a strict on-sale date item, so could get it slightly early, but not today. Can pre-order in USA from B&N, etc. Would receive around 4th week January.
rebel posts on 11/8/2005 6:03:32 PM Are you guys sure it hasnt come out yet because i thought i saw it at a "Borders" around here
Jacob posts on 10/31/2005 3:13:14 PM Thanks Ginger; although Plight of the Forgotten was a little pricey I enjoyed it greatly, and felt it was worth every cent. Can't wait to see if this will be a trilogy or what Adam will write next.
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