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John Primo posts on 8/24/2008 6:27:26 PM I just noticed on the Dragon, Heroes, and Wizards website the following updated information regarding the release of "Shadow's Past" by Lorna Freeman: "According to Ginjer Buchanan, Editor in Chief at Roc, Lorna Freeman has not finished and submitted the next book in the series (ie Shadows Past). Buchanan provided this information at a Q&A at Denvention 2008." Hope this is helpful...
Joe posts on 8/6/2008 2:59:13 PM Incredible that there's no current information at all about the books or the author. No legal issue could require an author to stay completely silent so it must be a matter of choice.
Daniela Teodorescu posts on 7/31/2008 5:38:31 PM You can also find the petition if you google dragons heroes and wizards (the last four words with NO spaces between them) and lorna freeman. I also wrote directly to Penguin about publishing the third book.

Carol posts on 7/14/2008 4:41:50 PM I found the blog with the petition, but could not get the url to post here. So just google "Shadow's Past" and "Reckoning Flames". You should find it and add your comments.
Brian posts on 7/14/2008 1:42:37 AM What is the blog that you referred to. I didn't find it and would like to add my 2 cents worth. I just checked the Penguin website and they didn't even have Lorna Freeman listed as an author.
Peg posts on 7/12/2008 9:50:04 PM Just found a blog that is asking for comments/requests for Shadow's Past and Reckoning Flames (books 3 & 4), with posted comments to be passed on to the publisher. Is there any way that that link would be allowed on here?
julie rock posts on 7/12/2008 2:43:39 PM I hear that Shadow's Past has been dalayed or cancelled and The Reckoning Flames is coming. Huh? If the next book that comes out is The Reckoning Flames, than Rabbit is not the main character. That would really be sad! I want to know what happens!
Horace posts on 6/15/2008 11:13:55 PM I'm less upset with the publisher (since I don't know why they didn't publish) than with the author who could easily let us know what happened or will happen with her books.
Susan Willey posts on 6/14/2008 5:48:55 PM I guess Penguin/roc won't have as a customer any longer. Now that the internet is here there is no excuse for the customer being left hanging. They simply needed to post a brief message on their website as soon as they knew they weren't printing the book saying it was rescheduled or canceled. So pen/roc goes on my list of only buy as used books. That I can still enjoy my other favorites by them, but they don't make any money from it.
Peg posts on 6/12/2008 1:11:21 AM Yup, I agree with Jed. Even a really lame excuse, or 'we can't tell you due to legal reasons' would have at least made it seem that they valued their customer base. This way? If they don't care, why should I? Takes the enjoyment out of the product, ya know? I'm not stressin' over it anymore.
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