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J posts on 4/13/2008 11:02:06 PM I am going to be teaching a Business English course next year for sophomore and junior high school students. I would like to teach a Louis L'Amour book because I can teach anything I want and I love his novels. What suggestions do you have for which novel would mention business in it the most. I was thinking "The Iron Marshall," but welcome any and all suggestions. Which novels mention cattle ranching and the business side of things the most? Thanks,
god posts on 12/9/2007 8:59:52 PM lets make love chuck u sound so sexy...i want ur body
posts on 8/4/2006 2:34:12 AM Vaguely, as kind of sort of, sounds like Hondo. But only in the most peripheral sense. Hondo is not dumped on the woman, and her craziness is more out of respect for the chief who protects her and adopts her son. And also consider I have read maybe 1/2 of L'amour's works. tfb

posts on 8/3/2006 5:37:27 PM There's a guy who's hurt fighting indians. The indians don't kill him, but instead drop his wounded body off at a widower's farmstead which is in Indian Territory. The woman is considered "crazy" by the indians for living there, and she might have two children. Does this scenario ring any bells? I'm looking it up for my mom because she wants to read it.
Anonymous posts on 9/11/2005 10:33:15 PM I like the idea of findiing books with stories I like BUT i LIKE TO READ ON LINE AND FINDING THESE BOOKS is imposible..When will they be added to the reader lists. sincerely,Gram
C.J. Ingerson posts on 4/23/2005 6:31:29 PM The comment of 'between the lines' is extremely accurate on the novels of Louis L'Amour. He would never had made the fortune he made writing poems or prose - but if one reads aloud some of his paragraphs one finds the feelings of a poet. Over and over in each of his novels are lessons for the ages on almost every subject known to man. His treatment of subjects with a proper seriousness and respect is quite complete. Mostly in my research I've only time for non-fiction - but over the years I've reread all of his novels at least once if not twice. One would find more non-fiction than fiction in many of them. chuck
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