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Lori G posts on 8/3/2005 4:46:17 PM I just became a new fan of Luanne Rice. "Beach Girls" was my introduction and I loved it!!!!!!! I have read "Perfect Summer", since. I eagerly awaited the Lifetime Television movie, "Beach Girls". I watched for 45 minutes the other night and switched channels. I understand there are liberties taken when movies are created from books,but the movie has such little "original" material in it. How does a wonderful author give up so much of her work to make a movie? The actors were good and the scenery is beautiful. But where is the "original" storyline? I will NOT be watching the rest of the Lifetime Television event. I feel awful for Luanne Rice. I will continue to devour her books, I have several on the side to read. Her characters and storyline are refreshing!!!! She is my new favorite to take to the beach or porch in summer and to warm my soul in the dead of winter!But no more movies!!!
Mary Morrison posts on 8/2/2005 9:20:23 PM I was SO dissapointed in the TV Lifetime version of the book that I stopped watching after the second night.It was so sexually oriented and i was expecting Nell to be 12 or 13 and riding on her bike and become best friends with Peggy. T.V. can ruin a great book...what a shame!
Judith Jergensen posts on 8/2/2005 2:38:47 AM Being a hockey fan, I enjoyed "Summer Light." Seeing my son's unusual name in the book, Nils Jergensen (also a hockey player), was a captivating surprise. I would love to know how Miss Rice chose this name.

Brenda posts on 7/20/2005 10:13:32 PM I was wondering for a person who is new to Luanne's books, and very interested in reading them, what order should I read them in?
Erin posts on 7/20/2005 2:02:16 PM I have read (and love) all of the hubbard's point books already, but there is quote from one of them that I really want, but can't remember what one it is from, and what exactly it is. Julie, when you are reading the Hubbard's Point books, can you keep it in mind for me and post it on here if you find it? It starts out "Love as if you're riding a wave," or something similar to that. I would really appreciate it!!
Sissy posts on 7/19/2005 8:24:11 PM I just finished Summer of Roses and it was great. I'm going back and looking at Summer's Child so I can write a review on both of them. I haven't read Follow the Stars Home, but in Home Fires, toward the end, there is a very gruesome scene. Had I not been an RN I don't think I could have read it. Otherwise the book is good, as her books usually are.
Linda posts on 7/19/2005 4:21:53 PM I am in desperate search of Summer Rose and cannot locate. Additonally, I know find that I have not read everyone of Ms. Rice's books as I thought ... Follow the Stars Home and Home Fires! Must locate them. I feel so much a part of the stories as well as picturing each setting even though I have never been back East ... just a West Coast girl. Thank you and by the way you were great on Good Morning America ... Linda
Ellen posts on 7/10/2005 7:42:36 PM I just saw this on her website: Firefly Beach Safe Harbor True Blue The Perfect Summer Beach Girls Hope this helps
Julie posts on 7/9/2005 10:07:47 AM Hi, Can anyone tell me which books set in Hubbards Point should be read in which order. I've just started True Blue and dound mention of Dana which leads me to believe that maybe I should read Safe Harbour first. Are there any others in the same series though? and if so what order do I read them in? Thanks so much for any answers. Julie
Sissy posts on 7/5/2005 6:20:54 PM Try reaching her throught Bantam Dell or Random House Publishing. When I worked as author/publisher liason for another website I sometimes had to go around the mulberry bush hunting down addresses so I could let the author and publisher know their reviews had been posted. Hope this works.
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