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emily brown posts on 11/29/2008 9:59:55 AM I really think they should make another inheritance book to.I mean Shiloh has to get out of medical school and become a doctor,thats important way to important to leave hanging in the air.
Sandra Duke posts on 11/21/2008 12:20:20 AM Is the year of 1822 on page 3 a misprint in Santa Fe Woman? I don't think the railroad from Little Rock to Fort Smith was established until around the 1870's. The financial panics/depressions that took place in the 1800's were in '19, '37, '57, '73 and '93. Also, I believe that denim jeans weren't around in 1822 (I believe Levi Straus came out with them in the early 1850's). Also, by 1820, Little Rock was home to only a handful of settlers and just a few crude buildings, including four log "huts" and three larger structures. It wasn't until 1836 that Arkansas became a state and Little Rock, in turn, the state's capital. Also, I think Jori could have gotten away with going all the way to Fort Smith on a train alone, maybe, by the mid to late 1880's or early 1890's, but NEVER in 1822. I know that Santa Fe Woman is a work of fiction, but the year 1822 just "threw" me in relation to all the different scenarios taking place........I just couldn't get the right picture in my mind!! :) I really love reading ALL of Gilbert Morris' books, but the 1822 setting does not match up with events for that time period. It's got to be a misprint. Just thought I would let you know
TMoody posts on 11/19/2008 10:28:16 PM Please do write another book in the Inheritance series. Just got done with the last one and it seems so not done!!!!!!!

Nancy posts on 10/23/2008 10:23:46 AM I agree with Bonnie, Please write book four for the Inheritance Series and Cheney and Shiloh. I have the whole series starting with Book # 1 of the Dr. Duvall series.
Bonnie posts on 10/21/2008 7:16:01 PM Please, Please, Please write a 4th book in the Cheney Duvall, M.D. The Inheritance series if you haven't already done so. I stumbled onto the authors quite by accident and love their writing. It is so wonderful to be able to read subject matter that is clean and uplifting.
Avery posts on 9/2/2008 10:53:53 AM I am not sure myself about anyofthe books above but i do know that Mr. Morris has very many books/series and so he is very busy.But, he knows where is fans stand in their admiration for his books so i do believe that he will continue.But i am positive that if any of you are fans of the Lady Trent series (I myself, LOVE them) there will be a third. If you really need to know where his next books will be cming you should probably write the publisher :)
Pam posts on 8/13/2008 8:12:46 PM Has anyone heard anything about a 4th book to the Jacques and Cleo Cat Detectives series? I can't find anything on the internet about one, but it seems there should be more. They story isn't over!!!
Esther posts on 6/27/2008 3:19:20 PM I too would REALLY like to know if there is another book in Lynn and Gilbert Morris's series The Inheritence? I'm not ready to give up reading about Cheney and Shiloh yet. :)
H.W.S. posts on 4/5/2008 2:06:47 PM Is there a 4th book in The Inheritance Series? I've been waiting to find out.
Barbara L. Kraft posts on 3/11/2008 2:45:01 PM Is there a fourth book or more of The Inheritance Series by Lynn and Gilbert Morris? I love all of their books, I have read so far. I have read all of the Cheney Duvall books and have started on the The Spirit of the Appalachia's.
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