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Tristan posts on 2/26/2008 1:07:13 AM Actually it never says if Maggie had a boy or a girl but I know several people including myself who Lynne has eluded that it was a girl to.
Andrea ISaacs posts on 2/24/2008 8:57:08 PM Yeah you're right as always. Do you think that she will end SOI a\the same way as she ended DOTM.
Belle posts on 2/23/2008 8:41:37 PM I don't see how that would help. She can't do anything about it now, it's all up in the air. Disney could sell it i suppose.

Andrea ISaacs posts on 2/22/2008 4:23:13 PM Maybe Lynne should read what we write about her books and how she shoudn't have sold rights to Disney.
Belle posts on 2/21/2008 7:19:13 PM I think it's too big for a movie, I generally dislike when they combine a lot of books into just one movie. I can see it as a series, but seeing how the rights are owned by Disney - it wouldn't be very good. It'd probably end up a mix of that's so raven/twitches or something. Maybe if it was owned by the CW or Fox or somethingggg, but oh well.
Andrea ISaacs posts on 2/21/2008 3:38:17 PM Dose anyone really want it to become a movie? It would indeed ruin it and make it and maybe ruin Lynne's readers. Do you think that someone shoudl write to her and see?
Belle posts on 2/21/2008 3:06:54 AM Maggie had a son, not a daughter. No, we don't know who it was because he was not introduced to our knowledge. He might have been in the books but not broadcasted as her son. Also, Lynne doesn't read this message board.
Danielle posts on 2/20/2008 7:27:59 PM Make a 14th Daughters of the Moon with Serena and Stanton! The daughters of the moon should also be turned into a movie!
XdesidancerX posts on 2/19/2008 7:14:12 PM i heard that maggies child ws a daughter. dosent it introduce maggie's child in the 13th book?
Andrea ISaacs posts on 2/19/2008 4:04:33 PM Dose anyone know who Maggies son is?
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