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ElizabethA.D posts on 2/1/2007 12:08:14 PM Hi,im 10 years old and i was reading your seres The Indian in the Cupbard and ive had 1 questen.How old is little bear and boon supos to be. Im on the 3rd book plz write back sinserle yours Elizabeth
posts on 8/20/2006 9:33:18 PM I am trying to find out how Lynne Reid Banks got the idea for Indian in the Cupboard. (this is for a project for school for my child)
kristenskywalker posts on 12/30/2005 4:25:28 PM Hey guys I hate to burst your bubble but Lynne doesn't even know that this message board exists. Haven't you ever wondered why she never replies? This is for us to talk about her books.

Matt posts on 11/1/2005 10:11:05 AM i don't under stand why people think that the book was racist....
Audree posts on 10/8/2005 12:33:25 PM Whyn did you choose to have The Writnig On The Wall end the way it did? I was curious because I still got the impression that Kev really cared about her the way it led on throughout the book. Could you plese write another book similar to this one, I really enjoyed this book more than any other book I've ever read, and I read a lot!
Alanna LoVetri posts on 8/23/2005 4:17:05 PM What was the message that you were trying to say in the book "The Indian in the Cupboard"?
Daniel Arias posts on 3/31/2005 8:49:52 AM The commenator Tyler Boyce posts on 9/26/2004 3:33:17 PM I am a seventh grade student at Liberty Middle School in Tampa, Florida. I am trying to write a letter to Lynne Reid Banks. Does anyone know her address ?. I need to send her a letter for a class assignment. Thank you for your help Daniel.
berni posts on 3/22/2005 1:16:04 PM do you have a summary of the book: the writing on the wall?
Josh posts on 3/21/2005 7:43:23 PM I love all of Lynne Reid Banks' books. I am in 4th grade and I would like her address so I can write to her. Thank you. Josh
Wesley pounds posts on 3/17/2005 8:22:16 PM if you might know how i can contact author Lynne Reid Banks then call me. my number is (714)-331-5074 ask for wesley
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