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Rachel posts on 1/1/2012 Rachel has just written a review of Oryx and Crake which you can see here
Sara Morsey posts on 9/11/2010 2:30:47 PM I am trying to send an email to M.A.'s publisher, but can't seem to get a correct address. Can anyone help me?
ho-hum posts on 3/24/2010 9:53:08 AM April Brown: c/o her publisher bloomsbury u.k. attn margaret atwood yer welcome.

William Sheridan posts on 8/10/2009 4:45:20 PM Enjoyed PAYBACK enormously, until the last chapter. Scrooge Nouveau was very imaginative, but not very helpful - good story-telling is only mediocre social analysis, and it is poor policy-making! The Bible personalizes the human capacity for "good and evil" as God and the Devil. But the problem was not motive - it was the system. And the problem now is not Scrooge - once again it is the system. Dickens' story and yours are entertaining, but they can't solve anything - furthermore, and sadly, they actually detract from diagnosing and solving the "problem" - a lifestyle that actually respected "Mother Earth" would be truly revolutionary. That would require a plan and a transition strategy - becoming a born-again Earth Day advocate, in and of itself, will not transform the system of human ecology in any substantive way at all. Could you set your writing skills to contriving a rationale that would mobilize the public to support the kind of revolutionary change in lifestyle that will be needed to address the payback that you believe nature will demand of humanity?
Sam posts on 12/10/2007 1:43:59 PM Does anyone know if it is possible to email Margaret Atwood? I am doing a speech on her in my 11th grade english class, and I think it would be a great resource to use if I could get the inside scoop straight from the author. Any ideas?
April Brown posts on 8/16/2007 10:02:46 AM Hi, I am wrting a piece about Margaret Atwood's mention of the Imperial Room in her book Blind Assasin. Does anyone know anything about this? Email me if you do.
Michelle posts on 11/12/2006 12:49:10 PM Margaret Atwood looked like a mafia Don at the Giller Prize, walking her "made" man Vincent Lam, who proceeded to win the giller. These establishment figures who are interested in their stylistic supremacy; via lesser threatening clones; are at a direct conflict with emerging literature, and should not be on prize panels, or work behind the scenes to influence them.
posts on 7/29/2006 8:00:06 AM Ms. Atwood appeared with Bill Moyers on PBS 7/29/06. Very informative discussion! Anyone interested in Ms. Atwood should try to see this interview.
posts on 7/25/2006 3:04:11 PM I have read most of Margaret Atwood's novels and i'm interested in watching films adaptations. I managed to order 'the handmaid's tale' dvd on ebay from Australia. I'm wondering if anyone knows what is happening with the adaptation of 'Alias Grace' and the BBC production of 'The Blind Assassin'? have any other novels been adapted?
posts on 7/7/2006 1:28:34 AM I have to hang my head in shame. Please delete and ignore my former email. By contacting her publisher,I was able to get in touch with Margaret and received a beautiful note from her. Like most celebrities, Margaret is inundated with requests from writers and has to protect herself from the deluge. Although we were friends in university, I would never ask Margaret for an endorsement of my work. Writers should understand that publishing is a business, not an outlet for art. Publishers take a big risk in publishing any work and need to justify that risk financially. If you believe in your work and feel that it should be read then you should investigate certain self-publishing systems that do not take your copyright or charge an excessive amount of money for services or ISBN. Sincerely, Roger W.Harrington
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