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posts on 6/6/2006 2:37:32 AM The book was blatantly racist... true. It isnt a good book in spite of this... False. You can have both. Just because the author decides to pursue a different side of the story than the north's, glorified in history books, does not make the book bad. In fact... in my eyes it makes it better. It opened my eyes to how the relationship in CERTAIN situations between black people and white people were, in fact, unfair, but each party was held in a mutual respect. Think about it. Pork was Geralds fathful valet and when he died, did Scarlett sell Gerald's watch to feed the family? No, she gave it to Pork because it held far greater value to him than it could hold to anyone else. Or how about Aunt Pittypat's drivier who was "one of the family". Or what about big Sam, who got a taste of freedom in the north but did not like it because they disrespected him far more than working on Tara did? I also thought it was intriguing that Mitchell did not glorify the north and the carpetbaggers. After doing some research i found this, for the most part to be true. The promised "twenty acres and a mule" was truly only a ploy to make the blacks vote in the northerners favor, as the promise was widely spoken but never fulfilled. I think that before you denounce a book because it is racist, you ought to consider the historical context and wonder. Just because you dont like it, doesnt mean it didnt happen, or even if there wasnt a silver lining. Mitchell writes about the greatest peice of literature i have ever read, and its racism merely reflects the actual occurrences of the time, dont hate history.
Darren posts on 6/7/2005 8:30:41 AM A message to all you lovers of this Blatantly racist novel, have a word. This has never being the greatest book ever written if your black! But I guess all you white poeple out not have to worry about such things. Get aware or die ignorant! Check this text lifted straight from the novel. Page 13 ‘Stuart halted, too, and the darky boy pulled up a few paces behind them. Page 24 ‘Mammy was black, but her code of conduct and her sense of pride were as high or higher than those of her owners'. Page 540 ‘The streets were black with loafing negroes' Page 573 ‘What devils the Yankees were to set them free, free to jeer at white people!' Page 359 ‘Prissy was crouched in a corner, sweating too, and smelled so abominably' Page 412 ‘The faint niggery smell which crept from the cabin increased her nausea' ‘Jeems was their body-servant and, like the dogs, accompanied them everywhere'. Page 299 ‘Black buck' Page 299 ‘her small white hand disappearing into their huge black paws,‘ Page 384 ‘Prissy was curled up like a black cat' Page 407 ‘her kind black face sad with the uncomprehending sadness of a monkey's face.' Page 410 ‘and the negroes looking up to her with childlike faith, clinging to her skirts,' Page 491 ‘his month was hang open like a happy toothless old houn's.' Page 494 ‘His old black face was as pitiful as a child's ‘ Page 573 ‘the black ape!' Page 638 ‘‘There they conducted themselves as creatures of small intelligence might naturally be expected to do. Like monkeys or small children' Page 639 ‘But they were, as a class, childlike in mentality' Page 657 ‘It was as through someone had been senselessly brutal to a child.' Page 705 ‘his black face as forlorn as a lost and masterless hound.' Page 760 ‘his joyful contortions were as ludicrous as the gambollings of a mastiff.' Page 765 ‘The big black face, stupid and as easily read s a child's, ‘ A little tip for you GWTW lovers, next time you read a book, do just that- READ IT!
salil posts on 6/1/2005 11:18:39 PM Hi Lauren, I agree that GWTW is one of the best books ever written and its my favourite too. But i feel that without going to the sequel, its better that we just let the book end as it does. The author has left the decision to readers whether Scarlet and Rhett end up together or not. My personal view is that eventually they do come back together 'cos Rhett just tells Scarlet that his love for her has just got tired, which means that he hasn't stopped loving her. So one day they will come together. Also at the end Scarlet truly starts loving Rhett. So even if the author didn't tell us what happens, i think the story ends up happily.

Lauren posts on 5/6/2005 2:39:56 PM I read GWTW for the first time in 6th grade and ever since then I have been searching for an answer to the burning question, Do SCARLETT AND RHETT END UP TOGETHER? I read the sequel, and it was horrible! Just wondering if you all could answer the question, because I truly have no idea
Shannon posts on 1/4/2005 9:51:57 PM I just read this book a few days ago, and I seriously couldn't put it down. It's amazing, my favorite book right now. :) Rhett and Scarlett's tale haunted me. They have such an amazing story.

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