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Hailey posts on 11/22/2007 1:17:25 PM I'v read all of the among the..., just ella, turnabout, escape from memory and house on the gulf. those are the ones I remember as of ight now. I may have read more. House on the Gulf is my favorite
Anonymous posts on 10/28/2007 3:39:32 PM i loved the book turnabout realy neat
Mackenzxie posts on 10/22/2007 10:44:25 AM I'm doing research on Margaret peterson haddix. does anyone know if she has siblings?

Glitch posts on 2/21/2007 5:44:17 PM charli dont read among the free! margrit is writing addishons on the siries!!
Cari DeBlieck posts on 1/18/2007 4:43:46 PM i just love Margaret Peterson Haddix book series don't you. my favorite series is the third child series that's all for now tata talk to ya later
BlessedAngel posts on 12/27/2006 5:38:42 PM I love house on the gulf i think it was the best book it kept me reading!
Alyson posts on 12/12/2006 11:00:24 AM i love all her books mainly DONT YOU DEAR READ THIS MRS DUMPHRY
vollyballh2o posts on 11/13/2006 5:38:13 PM i loved this book it was so good i cant wait to read the next ones
posts on 9/26/2006 11:20:51 PM Can someone tell me three settings in the book "Just Ella"?
posts on 8/29/2006 10:26:49 PM The orders the book go in is Among the Hidden,Among the imposters, Among the betrayed,Among the Barons,Among the Brave,Among the Enemy,and Among the Free. That is the order the books go in.
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