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posts on 4/24/2006 8:16:10 PM I have been waiting about 6 years for the last book in the Raistlinn Chronicles to come out. Book 1 was in 1998 Book 2 around 2000 and i have not heard or seen anything about Book 3. There has been at least 2 Dragonlance series since then. If anyone knows anything please post here. And if you see this Ms Weiss I think your books are the best out there. Krynn is the BOMB
Brightblade posts on 4/5/2006 10:53:45 PM Assassinduke, I've been wondering the same thing and its been driving me alittle crazy. I've been searching the book store shelves for it forever it seems like, heheh. I have no such luck in finding it though. Aw well, until then, I will randomly read Dragon Lance books I haven't heard of before. -Brightblade
Paul posts on 8/31/2005 9:22:29 AM Ms. Weis, Im dying to read the last book, please inform us on when its due out. also I must say, you and Tracy Hickmen have to be the best Scifi writers out there; keep them coming.

Colin Marshall posts on 5/18/2005 10:50:37 PM Could you please advise me when the third book in the Dragonvarld Trilogy will be ready tried to hold onto the first two books but decided to read them finished them both in 3 days and now hanging out for the third
margarets #1 fan posts on 4/26/2005 6:16:53 PM is margaret on?i did a project on her a long time ago,and i want to talk her.i had been looking for info on her for a biography projuect,and i remember running over a chat where she talked with fans.belive it or not,i am ten years old and have read more than 20 of her dragonlance books in the last year,i want to ask her for her e-mail address and ask a question or two,plus talk with other fans.
Assassinduke posts on 2/25/2005 7:32:02 PM if any one knows what the name of the book after amber and ashes orwhen it's comming out can you you tell me caus im goin berzerk trying to figure it out
Slobber posts on 1/13/2005 3:29:40 PM well well.. oh dear oh dear oh dear. Slobber does see your point. slobber also ashamed that slobber doubted tanis. slobber agree with you now, after taking it into thought. to answer your earlier question, slobber is 105 in cat years. that is 15 in human years, i'll have you know. yes yes, slobber cannot talk long this time. slobber only come to say that slobber agrees with all that you said. slobber would very much be freaking out. slobber cann understand tanis' ways oh so clearly now. but tanis is dead now.. its horrible. tanis lead a honorable life, as did laurana. wait, whats going on with gil these days, im not so sure. slobber shall be seeing u later then. -s-l-o-b-b-e-r-
Brightblade posts on 1/9/2005 5:27:20 PM back to what i was saying. yes, Laurana's fine now.. and onto Tanis subject again... if you were a father.. imagine this... think of how you would feel if your son ran away, your only son, in the middle of the night. hes only 16, very young, especially in elven years. humans mature faster, so it would be safer for them. but still, he runs away, the young immature little elf, from his amazing life with brilliant parents and a wonderful home. You go out to follow him. you see draconian prints, the most foul out-of-this-world creature, following your dearest child. you get it in your head that he was being carefully followed by them, and then attacked. thats what it looked like anyway. DUDE! IF YOU WERE HIS FATHER, YOUR MIND WOULD BE SO CLOUDED OVER WITH FEAR, AND LOVE AND DESPERATION FOR YOUR SON THAT YOU WOULD FALL INTO THE TRAP TOO! i mean, even if he wasnt his father, its hard not to fall into the trap. i mean, its brilliant. there were like, no flaws to give him hints that it was a setup. so, give him more credit. if my only child was in danger, i would have acted on it just the same was as he did. give tanis some credit, slobber. im out. straight edge, Alexandra
Brightblade posts on 1/5/2005 1:57:37 PM slobber,how old r u, btw? causeu sound like a two year old.. u dont finish ur sentences.. HONESTLY,TALK NORRMAAALL! geez, the whole 3rd person thing is extreamly annoying... but its funny so i'll live with it. uh ,yeh. laurana, i can respect her for being the golden general.. but she acted like a spoiled brat, following tanthalas and the companions into the woods in the first place.. she should have really thought that over. but before she died, killed by the dragon, i really liked her because she had changed so much.. she was really different, and i could respect her for who she was now, because she went from spoiled little brat, to thegolden general, a completely sofisitcated woman. well, bellrang, g2g. straight edge, ~~Brightblade

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