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Elmarie Ras posts on 5/14/2009 7:01:39 AM I am busy reading 'The Mask of Time' at the moment. It is absolutely unputdownable! Looking forward to all his other novels.
deidra posts on 4/27/2009 2:19:56 PM I do believe that the original sin is the best book I ever read
Judith Eppler posts on 10/22/2007 8:37:21 AM Everyone who reads Gabriel's books agrees that he is the best author.We have to let his publisher know this,so email Bantam and let them know how much we love his books and want to see more..Also they could republish the four books that he did write.

Lenora Siebert posts on 10/19/2007 9:40:17 PM I have just finished reading The Seventh Moon by Marius Gabriel and couldn't not put it down from the first page to the last. I'm looking forward to reading everything he has written.
posts on 9/4/2006 8:50:28 AM I think Gabriel should write more books with intrigue like the Mask of Time and Original Sin. He is my very favorite author of all authors.
posts on 9/4/2006 5:02:57 AM What are Marcius Gabriel lastes books? I read all the ones he wrote in the nineties. I love his work but am unable to locate anything recent.
Livvy posts on 2/15/2006 8:00:11 PM I LOVED the book The Original Sin. It is seriously the best thing I have ever read!

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