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Annette Simmons posts on 1/4/2006 3:43:06 PM I am a senior English teacher at Gustine High School. I have developed a complete unit using two of Mark Salzman's books, THE LAUGHING SUTRA and IRON AND SILK. The students love the humor and the different viewpoints presented in the firs, and the wushu and Chinese proverbs in the second. It has become one of my most successful lessons. We brainstorm how each of the stories follows the hero's journey pattern, and the students understand the concepts to apply to their own lives. I also just finished TRUE NOTEBOOKS. I was so affected that I couldn't put it down. All teachers should read this book in order to become better teachers. Thank you for your writing, Mark.
kaitie posts on 10/9/2005 9:14:08 PM Why is writing so important to Sister John other than it's a way to record her supposed encounters with God? Is that the onlt reason she does it?
jackie Di Meglio posts on 4/19/2005 6:15:02 PM I have never done this before -- contact a writer -- but I have been so moved by your books; I feel I have to get it out. I know that until I reread them, I should not make comments, but am so disappointed that I could not get ticket to your discussion Sat. that I am daring to write this. I bought several copies of "True Notebooks;" you opened up such new doors. I will never view the gang behavior in quite the same way and feel I must let others see them through your eyes. My son has epilepsy; specifically, he is beset by partial complex (temporal lobe) seizures as well as gran mal. There is so little known among the populace about this aspect of the disorder. My son had a brain malignant brain tumor, far more destructive than our nun's. He is now 47 but is diagnosed with TLE and has suffered all the mental problems that accompany it: many that taunted Van Gogh such as religiosity, hypergraphia, rage. Eva La Plante has written "Seized" which explains it well. I wish I had met a doctor like the one you portray. My daughter was teaching in Harbin at time of Tia. Square (1988, 89?) so your book "Iron and Silk" was much appreciated. "The Cellist" is one of my -- and my friends'-- favorites, also. I have lived in Los Angeles area (Santa Monica now) all my life --75 yrs. Enough! You understand my affection for your books, the many ways in which I relate to the subjects of your writing, and my deep appreciation of your sense of empathy. I don't know if you will ever read this -- but it's been wonderful therapy for me to write it. Thank you. Jackie Di Meglio

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