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Tomas Toman posts on 3/23/2014 7:35:12 AM Dear Marlo, I feel there is no need to say more than "THANK YOU!" You, Dan Millman, Jack London, Karel Capek.. You are important part of my wonderfull life! Tom
Louise posts on 2/8/2014 2:51:38 AM Dear Marloe. I love your work - Thank you for being such a wonderful guide. I would love to see you visit South Africa - please let me know if that is possible someday. Regards Louise
lenny posts on 5/4/2013 6:11:07 AM What is this , a book seemingly profound, being attacked ,Life was simple ,I'm hurt,, and understand others are hurt on many levels,,,but still....maybe by becoming fantasy this book can have a new beginning. It taught me so effortlessly things that I'd searched many a bookstore for...things I find hard to express,but are felt very deeply. A book that gave me hope that we once lived on the earth as enlightened beings and might possibly be able to do it again. This isn't thought thru to much...I'm no scholar , I'm lazy ,and I really don't want an argument. I want to express appreciation for the book because it worked for me.

Sheryl L. Stover posts on 1/6/2013 3:25:41 PM Nobody can stop people from reading this book, but what scares me is the number of people actively refusing to believe that this is a work of fiction. People, the author has openly admitted that she lied, and has apologized to the Aborigines for doing so. It doesn't matter if you liked the book or not, accept it as the work of fiction it is. It would help if the Australians writing in would give unbiased examples of facts that are false in this book. Just because you read it ina book, doesn't make it true!
Valera posts on 1/2/2013 9:38:27 AM Hello Marlo! My name is Valerie, I'm from Ukraine. There is a desire to personally write you a letter. If possible, tell where to write. Thank you!
jenny rose posts on 11/20/2012 1:20:01 PM Dear Marlo - Thank you for the book and taking the journey...I feel like I got to go on it also. Just before I finished the book I talked with them and told them how sad I was that they were leaving us (the planet) and I was crying and they kept calling me "little one" and "little sparrow". Do you recall them telling any stories of the sparrow? I did some research and the sparrow does have an interesting history in Australia. Also I would like to say all the controversy over this book seams rather silly. Didn't anyone see Last of the Dogmen - I don't recall American Indians getting all upset over it. With respect - J
Norma Kraushaar posts on 10/27/2012 5:45:42 PM I rarely participate in online discussion but am deeply moved to add my voice to this exchange. I have never met Marlo Morgan or else an indigenous Australian. I have heard the prejudices of some Australians and other nationals who have had the experience of indigenous Australians that were led to interact with urban "civilization." This is a very similar story as it transpires in the US in connection with American Indians and even black Americans [ludicrously now known as "African Americans." Think of it... these people were born here. I have known Americans in Europe who transported pregnant wives back to the States in order that the child would be "American" yet a 5th generation black child born here should be known as "African American!"] Why should it be so unbelievable that young underprivileged members of these marginal societies should adopt the lowest level of existence that is readily available to them, totally ignoring the more challenging disciplines of their more enlightened elders and ancestors. All that aside, back to Mutant Message Down Under. I have no idea if Marlo Morgan ever set foot in the Australian outback. What I do know is that I have read this book 3 times, because each time it helps me to remember who I truly am, "spirit", and where I came from to live in the body that I wear for the time I walk this earth. More than that, it reminds me how far our civilization has become removed from the Eden this world was meant to be. Sadly, the early church decided what should be taught to people so that they would lose their inborn instincts in order that the Roman victors could remain in control. Over the millennia this trend has taught us to be governed by our minds which has been filled with ideas conjured by others, rather than listen to our hearts. Little by little, as we learn more of the limitless potential built into the universe, we are being inspired to grasp the concept of the power of the body to heal itself—mind, body and spirit—as we tap into the incredible unused human potential. Ever so often, we come upon those who so pride themselves on their book learning that they are incapable of hearing the wisdom of the universe.
felicity posts on 10/12/2012 5:27:50 AM As an Australian who grew up in Central Australia, Alice Springs to be exact, and who has many Aboriginal friends, I am disgusted by this book, and this so-called 'author' who has fabricated and distorted an entire culture for her own gratification. Aside from the fact that the book has been condemned by every proud Aboriginal who has ever read it as lies, and was not even accepted for publishing initially due to that fact that this woman was unable to substantiate any of her claims and it's obvious in-inaccuracies, it is deeply offensive to all indigenous peoples. She has simply made-up a lot of what she claims to be 'sacred knowledge' imparted to her on her 'travels'. Such as the use of women's menstrual blood for healing and describing a childbirth, men never come into contact with menstrual blood, it is believed that contact between men and woman at this time makes the women barren, and giving birth is "women's business"; to describe it in a book in the context that she has is sacrilegious. Her flawed understanding and inappropriate use of Aboriginal knowledge is not only offensive but is harmful as well on both a material and spiritual level. Also it has been proven that she never went on a walkabout - the pharmacist who employed her during in her stay has the paycheck slip to prove it. Anybody who buys into this book as a true reflection of Aboriginal culture and spirituality is not only a gullible fool but is also actively damaging that very culture by it's continued exploitation. A noted professor, John Eustace has pointed out not only is this woman's rhetoric strangely reminiscent of the same rhetoric used by imperial settler's to justify regulation of Aboriginal peoples but that the story's representations of Aboriginal cultural practices, and social organization and naming tradition is more consistent with that of North American Indigenous peoples. Aboriginal Australians do not have names like "travelling tongue"; nor do the bestow them. This book is a disgrace; just because it gives you 'warm fluffies' does not reduce the fact that this woman has made MILLIONS from exploiting, degrading, offending and mis-representing the entire culture of some of the most vulnerable and disenfranchised people in the world.
Lily Fu posts on 9/16/2012 10:40:26 AM Dear Marlo, thanks agian for this book such a wonderful gift.
Dusan posts on 8/14/2012 9:29:18 PM I have just finished Marlo's Message in Czech translation and what I can to say is: I am impressed and thank you so much Marlo! After I visited some websites I can not believe what a hunt after this author is being done. That's something unbelievable and very sad too. Unfortunately we can see an increasing constraint against all things what could lead to better life and how the truth is trying to be trampled under foot. This never be done, no way. And all you evil and Dark forces will be defeated soon!
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