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posts on 8/26/2006 4:18:20 PM I would like to know when and where Marlo Morgan confessed that the book is fiction. I confess, I do not know anything at all about Australia, nor about the aborigines, in fact, I had never heard of them before this book, but I believe it is true, I have to, there is a meaning there for all of us that is we have lost a long long time ago. I had no idea until now that there was such an incredible outrage against her and her book, but its no wonder, with all that incredible pressure, that she would say it is fiction, whether it is true or not. Who can know? I hcoose to believe it, it is beautiful to me, and I think it is to all of us, we just don't want to believe that there could be any such thing.
posts on 8/21/2006 12:59:31 AM I have been going around telling people, "you have to read this book, it's so amazing, she talks about telepathy and natural healing and non-materialism and it's so beautiful how these people live, blah, blah, blah . . ." I was at a party just last night talking about the book AGAIN when someone informed me that it's fiction and Marlo is a fraud, that she admitted it herself in a public apology. Why would she ever apologize and admit to being a fraud if it's not the case? I didn't want to believe this naysayer at the party, but she said "go on line, check it out for yourself." So I did, and here I am, utterly disappointed. Yeah, she has a great message. That's beside the point. She has misrepresented an entire race, she has promoted herself as being so worthy of receiving this fake gift of knowledge, and she had me believing every #$%^&":? word. Honestly, it's disgusting. Can't she find other ways of spreading her beautiful, important message of love and spirit, without telling lies? Yes, it matters whether it's fact or fiction. There are plenty of other ways to be inspired to live spiritually without insulting an already oppressed race of people, and betraying the trust of innocent readers like myself who foolishy believed to be receiving an education as well as inspirtation. I feel like an idiot for gushing about this book to everyone I know.
posts on 8/15/2006 2:04:50 AM I just finished this book and was outraged at the innaccuracies and new-age tripe Morgan pedals as "ancient truths". Well might the author state in her introduction that she will save you a trip to the library and to Australia with her potted history, should the reader actually do any research her "truths" and "history" will be exposed for the rubbish they are. There are plenty of well argued critiques of this work,from Indigenous people and anthropologists available. A simple g00gle search instantly confirmed the uneasy feeling this book left me with. I understand the need from some of the contributers to this message board to connect with something authentic in an increasingly materialistic world.To an extent I even understand the claims that it matters not whether it is true or false, it is the message that counts. But something sits uneasily with me on two counts. Firstly, yes, we can learn much from Indigenous people and their cultural resource management, but what on earth is wrong with he who posted a message stating this sentiment as if it were his right? What right does he/she feel she has to Indigenous knowledge? How has he/she earned this right? The arrogance of this claim is extremely offensive!Secondly, Morgan seems to have benfitted quite well materially from this new age hocus pocus that she has sold as Indigenous "knowledge". So much for her disdain for capitalism! All in all, if you want to learn about Indigenous culture in Australia, come here. Meet the people. Convince them you are worthy of aquiring knowledge and unlike Ms Morgan, have the respect and conviction to give something back other than misrepresentation.

posts on 8/6/2006 10:07:40 AM Marlo Morgan herself admitted that the book is a fake. There is little in the book that resembles either Australia, or aborigines. And much that is so far from the truth it is surreal. Marlo also lied about having several doctoral degrees. She is not the last messenger of "true" aboriginal culture as she claims, and aborigines do not want to die out as she claims. This is the worst case of cultural theft I have ever seen.
posts on 7/31/2006 11:54:53 PM just fnished this book and believe and feel this book in its entirity. the real people have livied on the austrialian continent basicly the same way for 55,000 years and have been sucessful at doing this. who are any of us to judge or dissmiss their experience . this is one of the most enlighting and mentality entertaining pieces of litature i have ever had the pleasue of consuming.i would love to experience the journey that ms. morgan was given. in my mind it truely was a gift from the sprits.
posts on 6/10/2006 2:33:32 AM Morgan is a psychopathic LIAR. Her book is nothing but pure fantasy and should never be considered anything less. She manages to rely on just about every racist stereotype of Indigenous people available. Her so called, ahem "real people" (unknown to anybody but her) are a fantasy built up around racist notions of the "noble savage" and is only interested in mining Indigenous knowledges (not that this book contains any), cultural theft and enforcing white superiority . Anybody who seriously considers anything this woman has to say should have their heads examined. String her up.
posts on 6/9/2006 5:55:12 AM Just read a critic on Marlo Morgan's "Mutant Message" and it was hard for me to keep myself from laughing about these silly arguments the author of this critic uses to convince anybody of his opinion. He's quarreling about hilarious details, is very biased and lacks any objectiveness, using phrases such as "A feature of this poorly written novel..." or "I could give you several dozen examples of this cultural inversion designed to make American readers feel at home". I just cannot take this critic's author seriously! The most ridiculous point in any discussion about Morgan's book is when it comes to the huge, massive and gigantic damage she should have done to aboriginal culture. Well, I've read the book, and I couldn't find any negative aspect in the attitude and values of the tribe Morgan travelled with. They are moreover aspects of life which anyone should consider to use for himself and which could never do any harm to nobody (Contrary to attitudes and values of "white/western" civilisation)! Critics calling Morgan racist only because she states that the tribe she travelled with decided to "die out" and this statement should be racist! It is not, to my mind, because Morgan didn't generalize this statement to all aborigines, as critics did. She just claimed that this ONE SINGLE tribe, who seems to be different in many ways towards other aboriginal tribes, decided to "die out". Well, I can imagine that most of the aboriginal tribes have moved closer towards the white australian government while only some (and as Morgan claims only one) may have remained their original attitudes and values. This could only be done if a tribe hides himself from the whites/government because they don't give a ... about aboriginal culture and want to bring them earth-destroying gift of western culture, make'em part of white society. We (the whites) are now at one point where we must finally consider our faults and the negative aspects of capitalism which comes along with the destruction of culture. That's why we can learn something from indian cultures... and oughta preserve them... The best thing about this discussion is that no one except Marlo Morgan knows wether this single tribe of the "true human beings" really exists, that the decision is to everyone himself what he wants to belief! Don't trust nobody, think for yourself! Don't even trust me before you thought the matter over for yourself! If everyone would act like this we'd take the first step to better human beings... The last thought goes out for all the critics: Tell me any statement of Marlo Morgan which has ever respectively could ever do any harm in this world! I cannot find anyone... my thoughts are wandering in that direction that if everybody on this planet would think seriously about the ideas offered by Marlo Morgan in this book than we could still make it to a better world for all of us, even for our children!
posts on 6/5/2006 4:28:43 AM "Magabala Books", "Message Stick Online - Indigenous Links", "NATSIEW"
posts on 4/10/2006 7:20:32 PM If Marlo Morgan is playing the blind leading the blind, and is telling tales about the Australian Aboriginals that could be doing incalculable devastation and damage to Aboriginal culture ,could somebody(Preferably an Australian Aboriginal, but need not be) take a moment and guide us poor evil white people towards a book, document, manuscript, film, or person, that might help educate us about the "real" austrailia and "real" aboriginal cultures in an authentic, accurate, and unbiased fashion so that we might have a greater understanding of these ancient cultures and learn from their amazing legacy and knowlege of the earth(and ???) as well as the mistakes they've made, so we may avoid them ourselves for the hope of a better future for this planet and all the rest of the other planets and dimensions. (not to mention the entities or being inhabiting them.) thank you
cmvg56 posts on 3/30/2006 11:51:36 AM I think that there is no way to tell if Marlo's book is true and those of you that think she should apologize for what she wrote don't have any credibility. In writing this book Marlo wanted to put across a message and she obviously did. Now just let it be.
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