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fay hart posts on 10/19/2011 11:27:31 AM Carl Gustav Jung wrote 'It is not enough to know the truth, we must know all the truths'. I found this book to be fantastic and do not care if it is so-called fiction. Many women's experiences have been relegated to fiction over time. I recently read Unplugging the Patriarchy by Lucia Rene, which was published as fiction even though it is Truth. When reading it, my gut was telling me it was true, while my mind was indicating it was fantasy. I had the same experience reading Marlo Morgan's Mutant Message Down Under. I have come to understand the mind is unreliable, but the body never lies. Thank you Marlo Morgan for have the courage to risk public humiliation in order to tell a truth.
Janna posts on 9/2/2011 5:44:03 AM To Author Marlo Morgan, After reading Mutant Message Down Under, I realized how profoundly it changed my way of thinking. Not that I was blind to the direction our world is going, in every way, just oblivious. I thank you for opening my eyes. I have always been a nature girl, n have always held a belief system that separated and liberated me from the norm. I do not care if the work was fictional or not, I believe you were telling the truth as you saw it. Again, my thanks, I will always hold that book close to me, and always have a copy near.
lori l posts on 8/18/2011 7:28:01 PM i love the book, the message, and the author for writing so beautifully. it is a shame that negativity thrives around people of light who are trying to spread good and light. gravy and frosting little bert, be ernie, jus BE

anonymous posts on 8/7/2011 1:28:47 PM I just finished reading Mutant Message Down Under and loved the story, but felt I had to do some research on this "true story." I found a critique by Chris Sitka (Napaltjarri) through google and realized that books can be very persuasive if you don't have the knowledge to point out what's wrong. I urge that, before you make any life-changing decisions, do a little research. I still loved the story and took from it some respectful morals, but I condemn any act of lying for personal benefit/profit. Money is a terrible drug and shouldn't be life's necessity. If Marlo Morgan really did receive a message from any group of peoples with which she passionately wanted to share with the world, she should have done so without expecting profit.
Mei posts on 7/10/2011 8:39:29 PM @Jae GET A LIFE! Lying is not becoming to anyone!
Jae posts on 4/26/2011 6:45:47 PM Marlo Morgan has publically admitted that her 'adventures down under' were a complete fabrication. Educate yourselves! Google her name or the book's name and you will find out for yourself what a hoax this book is. Mutant Message from Down Under is a pathetic and poor excuse for a book...trees DIED so this book could be printed?? REALLY? Ugh!
Erikas posts on 4/26/2011 1:34:05 PM Thank you. I took message with Love.
Fran posts on 1/19/2011 2:24:04 AM Dear Marlo, I had the good fortune of hearing you speak at the Unity church in Holly Hills, FL on a Sunday afternoon in the mid 1990's. I wanted my family to attend but they would not. I'm wondering if you still speak at Unity churches? If you do, how can I get a copy of your schedule? I would read the chapters to my husband as he drove. This went on for two years. Each chapter can stand alone and has a lovely peaceful message. We would start driving and he would tell me to read. I would intentionally start reading two chapters that I had read last time we drove. We didn't want the book to be finished. I often remember the story of the young girl with the flower that lasted only one day. That story is such a lesson to my opposite tendency to collect "stuff". I should mention that there was no charge for your talk that Sunday afternoon and it was one of the most enjoyable afternoons I've ever lived. I live in the DC area and visit Daytona, FL in Jan. Please let me know if you are still traveling around the country. I would love to see you again and bring my husband this time.
hedgewitch posts on 1/18/2011 11:07:01 PM Marlo you have written something wonderful about our spiritual self that is also part of wiccan culture and belief. there is an awakening in the world but history of the mutant is to extinguish those who follow beliefs that take power and/or wealth from church and state. I urge a prayer time/ meditation of all spiritual beings to the creator or oneness to free the encumbrances of our mutant training and embrace our common voice of healing. Time is running out. You can't deny the news is seldom about wonderous things and is increasingly about the earths destruction. We cannot undo what is done, but we can change our environment and self awarness by using our idle hands, minds and gifts. May it harm none so may it be.
Adrian Di Lollo posts on 11/29/2010 6:27:24 AM Dr Phelps, you should make comments on things you know something about (like sugar addiction apparantly) becuase you know NOTHING of the Australian Aborigines. Marlo Morgan and her nonsense book mispresents these great people from beginning to end weaving in new age theories and Native American philospophy, thereby showing her complete ignorance. As for this "precious stones" nonsense. For your information the Aborigninal people did NOT traditionally cultivate precious stones saw the white man's mines as tearing up the earth that they held so dear. Do some proper reading on the subject! (FYI I lived in Australia for 28 years and worked with people from at least 3 Aboriginal nations).
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