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Kaila posts on 3/24/2010 4:16:16 PM I just finished reading this book as a class project. I enjoyed reading about her travels through the Australian outback. This book if looked at through a fictional point of view is not misrepresenting of the aboriginal tribes in Australia. Even if it was true there are more than 500 aborigine tribes, she talks about one. Of course it is going to be misrepresented for the people who are arrogant enough to think all the tribes are the same. It is a story. Read it for enjoyment and listen to the underlying message she is trying to get across. It truly is a message everyone needs to understand and think about.
Adrian Di Lollo posts on 3/2/2010 5:36:20 PM Until she truly recants her vile, insulting fabrications, Margo Morlan's name will forever be despised by the Australian Aboriginal people. She may have reaped massive profits from her pulp fiction and selling movie rights but she is truly poor in her morals and truly disgusting in her self-aggrandizement.
gail posts on 1/1/2010 12:06:18 AM dear marlo, provo! provo! just finished MFF and i did read MMDU - I am honored to have had this great opportunity from the universe to find these two books at a thrift store. My heart is healed and the circle is now an understanding of a higher calling! thank you for my peace back - i forgot many things i had learned on my journey and these holidays well just thank you - humans get what they need when the day happens "It is today" happy new year it is what i believe and thats all that really matter how i see life and live it thank you again for bringing me back to my source - i am back for i got lost for awhile and i always tell humans i never get lost - but i did for i am spirit in human form and i got that reversed lately tks peace and love to you

ja posts on 12/26/2009 6:04:17 AM tancovali v dazdi a nahi nic netreba a napriek tomu to neviem
Aussie in the USA posts on 12/8/2009 12:36:56 PM I've recently finished MMDU and like most of you, I was mesmerised by marlo's writing. Every page provided such a wealth of childish inaccuracies about Australia and Aborigines that I found myself laughing out loud on many occassions. The fact that this was a best-seller and people actually believe that this really happened is even more hilarious. I'm now thinking of writing a similar tale about me being kidnapped in the US by American Indians or maybe a lost tribe of African Americans - they can share their voodoo secrets and make me their Aussie messenger. Thanks Marlo for the laughs!
Evin posts on 12/4/2009 11:56:53 PM Dear Marlo. Thanks for the message. Your books are actually the first ones that I did not want to finish reading. I wished that they were 10 times longer--I could not get enough of your stories and lessons to learn. I am also a newly graduated MD, hoping to integrate the many different ways of healing in the future. Stay with love and light as always.
Victor Johnson posts on 11/22/2009 8:28:20 PM I just finished reading Mutant Down Under and then did some research and saw that it is most likely a fabrication. The bottom line is, who cares? All of you people that are "angry" at Marlo Morgan need to get over yourselves. She doesn't owe you anything. It's a story, you read it...just move on and read something else. People buy all sorts of junk- who cares???
Jae posts on 11/16/2009 5:01:22 PM This was one of the worst books I have ever read. READER BEWARE! This book is insulting and Marlo Morgan has been outed as a liar. She not only has lied about her 'experiences' with 'the Real People' but she also has been exposed for lying about her professional credentials. The sad awful part about Morgan's writing's is that she has not only perpetuated racist and inaccuracies about Australian Aboriginals, but she has also lied to people who are seeking enlightenment. She has lied to people who are looking for help and she has preyed on the very weakest of our society, the spiritually befret, for what? Financial gain and prestige, the very things that she 'preaches' against in her book. The very thing that 'the Real People' would look upon 'the Travelling Tongue' with disgust. Morgan is a Snake Oil Saleswoman, selling a poorly written story about a group of people who don't exist while destroying the integrity, history, and stories of an actual breathing culture. Shame on you Marlo Morgan, I am so glad that I didn't buy this book, that someone gave it to me so that I could include it in my Books to Avoid collection, so that another penny wouldn't go into your lying hand.
candy posts on 11/7/2009 6:30:00 PM The book is amazing. I don't really understand why some group of aboriginals felt offended...that remains a mystery; as the book describes them as very evolved people, even superior than white men. So they should be proud instead of dissapointed. I think this book is a shock to the system, that's why she got that incredible opposition from the media. The system is what tried to erase the aboriginal people out of the earth through the centuries, because they are representatives of the Fifth dimension, they had done a very good job, holding the earth together with their collective soul, while the establishment tries to tear the earth and the human consciousness apart. You see, the struggle between light and darkness is still alive, more than ever.
Laurie posts on 10/26/2009 7:40:44 PM I just got done reading this book mutant message down under and it really made an impression on me. I don't care if it's fictional or not. The messages in this book sadly may not be heard by the people that should see it the most!! The leadership in this country should concentrate on what is good for the all, instead of being wrong or right. People should only take what they need and no more. They should not be judgmental of others and be more tolerant. I believe our country is in trouble for all the lessons that people would like to ignore because it might be out of their comfort zone to look at. We need to love each other for the individual gifts we all have. And to honor our differences not point fingers. We need to be more tolerant of others. There were many messages in this book that filled me with joy, and also sadness and wished Americans lived their lives more like these people. We are taught in this country to live in our left brains and not to let the creative part out. To work for the American dream, which in the end has just caused us stress, hypertension and unhappiness. The message of oneness is the message I'm taking away from this book,and the uniqueness that each individual should be cherished, and I do believe that one person can make a difference. There wouldn't be as much depression, sadness, lonliness, and unhappiness, if everyone allowed themselves to think of themselves as part of the Whole. I hope others put their energy into thinking more as a whole then separately, and for the good of the ALL.
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