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Elisabeth Carroll posts on 8/19/2013 11:59:42 AM William Guest posts on 3/8/2009 10:50:17 PM About the island of Moila in The Stormy Petrel--Is this island a actual place? I have found the ferry route but have not found this exact islnad on the map. Please assist. Thanks Michael, through studying the locations in "The Stormy Petral", I believe Moila is a combination of the location of Calve Island to the east of Tobermory, Mull, and the geography of Colonsay (southwest of Mull) and Oronsay islands, which are linked by a causeway of sand and mud, and Eilean nan Ròn (Seal Island), which is southwest of Oronsay. Lady Mary was using her delighfully fertile imagination and wonderfully descriptive prose to entertain her devoted readers.
Meryl Halpern posts on 9/29/2011 1:41:27 PM Sometime in the '60s I read alot of Mary Stewart and am wondering if you know in which book she wrote a scene that took place in the Piazza Navona in Rome at Tre Scalini Restaurant. I would love to read it again since we're eating there in October with our grandaughter. Thanks. Meryl
Leslie posts on 8/12/2010 5:17:26 PM Mary Stewart is an excellent writer, I plan on reading many of her other novels, I have Ivy Tree to read. A similar writer is Canadian, Susanna Kearsley. The Winter Sea is one of her latest novels, it is FANTASTIC. She has written about 8 books. Like a Mary Stewart novel you can't go wrong and you want to read all her other books immediately. She writes about past and present and her characters are so real. She won awards for Mariana and is up for others. Please post if you read any of her books, you won't be disappointed. Thank you.

Saskia posts on 4/4/2009 12:16:27 PM Nancy, I think you mean The wind off the Small Isles. It's a short novel, written in 1968, about 100 pages. I bought and read it in Dutch. Me as well, I have been looking for the isle of Moila, "off Mull, first stop past Tobermory on the way to Coll and Tiree". But I don't think it really exists......
William Guest posts on 3/8/2009 10:50:17 PM About the island of Moila in The Stormy Petrel--Is this island a actual place? I have found the ferry route but have not found this exact islnad on the map. Please assist. Thanks
TJ posts on 5/15/2008 10:05:17 PM Nancy and Roseanne...the Stewart book you are referring to is My Brother Michael. I have read it twice, and it is excellent. It takes place in Delphi, Greece. Stewart's descriptions of Delphi in this work are so vivid that I yearned to go to Delphi. When I finally got to go there two years ago, I found that her descriptions of it were so good that it was similar to what I had pictured in my mind as I was reading. I'll be taking my teenaged daughters there next spring, and I am going to have them read My Brother Michael. The Charioteer is the work of antiquity that the story centers around.
Rosanne posts on 7/13/2007 10:19:19 PM Nancy, did you find out the name of the short story or what magazine it was in? I remember reading it also and would like to find it. Do you know the title?
Linda posts on 3/16/2007 1:44:36 PM Mary Stewart has been a huge favourite of mine since a teacher read "My Brother Michael" to an enthralled class of girls. I read most of her novels when I was a teenager and just recently found and finished Stomy Petrel. What always strikes me about Stewart's work is that it is not only well crafted but wonderfully literate and there are many classical allusions - pretty rare to find these layers of richness in a novel nowadays. I also love the way her writing is so precise, and her main characters i.e. "the goodies" are always so well-mannered and well-spoken! Has anyone seen a pic of Mary Stewart?
Bertrande MacLeod posts on 3/4/2007 12:12:21 AM Re: Inquiry of 2/10/07 I don't know how far back this excerpt was, but My Brother Michael, written in late fifties has such a scenario. Great read.
Nancy posts on 2/10/2007 8:42:31 PM Many years ago when Mary Stewart's suspense novels were very popular, I read a novella or rather lengthy short story written by Stewart as the feature of the month in an American magazine, perhaps Good Housekeeping or one similar. I recall there was something about discovering an antiquities treasure in a cave maybe. I have never seen this story mentioned anywhere else and I can't find any mention of it online. It was not a condensation of one of her popular books. Does this ring a bell for anyone?
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