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posts on 7/23/2006 10:58:13 AM marya is not going to be on this site. if you want to contact her you probably would be best going through her agent. and if the book is a trigger for you. don't read it.
naomi posts on 11/17/2005 5:47:27 PM i have never struggled with an eating disorder. i have indeed struggled with the complete insensitivity of our culture with people who are not 'hollywood perfect' though. i found this book to be very insightful. i read it for a psychology fake case study project and i was quite pleased with the writting in the book. i find the similarities between the author and reader in this particular instance very pleasing. i am as well a huge fan of late night, sketchy coffee houses, and political and philisophical books that, for some reason or another no one of my age (17) really seems to be into. and then...i live in Minnesota as well. when you decribed the accident you had on 35, towards 62, i was just like "hmm...i was on that road earlier today." which i found cool. in any case, i found the book a great read and an inspiring study. thank you! i hope you read these. heh. p.s. i'm really curious to know how you are doing now.
Diti posts on 11/12/2005 10:39:40 PM Hi... just wondered if I might be able to find someone to talk to on here. This book has been part of my life for a number of years. At times it's probably hindered me (tempting me straight back into bad habits etc), but overall, it has probably pretty much the main thing that's got me this far. I'm struggling a bit now...when I first had the book it was relatively unknown and the net wasn't what it is today, so I didn't know others had similar relationships with it (and Marya) that I do. So yes, I just wondered if anyone out there who knows what this stuff feels like wouldn't mind the odd chat every once in a while? xx diti xx

Leslie posts on 11/7/2005 10:48:48 PM that book is awesome... it's like months later so I don't know if you'll get this, but I was inpatient with Marya a few years ago at Methodist (the MN hospital she talks about)... she's a lot shorter in real life! I was so out of it I didn't even realize she was famous or anything, I was paying attention to my own obsessive stuff. Her book has been very helpful, for some it's a trigger, but for me it's validation that I'm not crazy. I've actually used a lot of direct quotations from Wasted for a 45 page psychopathology essay I'm writing for a college term paper & giving to Methodist Hospital because they don't know how to treat EDs! I took bits & peices from all the centers I've been to & it's going to my professor but I'm also mailing it out to all the centers I've been to, maybe now they'll take it seriously because it's my thesis paper! She describes that place perfectly, I'd so love to meet her again, now that i'm healthy! She'd be able to give me good advice for my essay, she's absolutely a brilliant author & articulates every thought to a T. I wonder if she still lives up in MN? Anyone know? I still live in Minneapolis... Marya if you read this can you email me & proof read my essay for EDI? ;) I wish I could write as good as you!!!
kim posts on 7/21/2005 1:58:50 PM I have read her book a few times. I was just wondering how she is doing now with her ED?
Anonymous posts on 4/6/2005 9:56:05 PM is Marya doing any readings in the Boston area any time soon?
Lydia Wheeler posts on 4/2/2005 5:09:23 AM i am 30 years old, and have been living with bulimarexia since i was 10. i have been in and out of hospitals, outpatient programs, therapy, and 12-step meetings for most of the intervening 20 years. still going! like the energizer bunny. i am reading your book for the first time. by the middle of the 1st page i realized that it was not like the gazillions of memoirs about 'finding yourself' and 'nurturing your inner child' that have done nothing but make me feel like more of a failure for being unable to find anything, or to feel anything but embarassment for that inner child. i don't think that i have ever heard of another person who read italo calvino's italian folk tales over and over while eatin gin bed in early childhood. i did. maybe we can pin it on him? oh yeah. he's dead. shoot. anyway, i want to congratulate you on a truly resonant account, from one 'chronic' to another. thank you. namaste.
me posts on 3/30/2005 2:18:32 AM i feel like an ass, but when i read your book i realized i was reading it for how-to tips, which i'm sure was not your intent. i know that i have a problem and i have a pretty good idea as to how to stop. but i don't know if i want to. i know the facts. i know what this is doing to me. i just don't know what i want. i am, however, open to suggestions. i'd like to hang out with you sometime. go thrift storing, look at all my old pictures, look at all the cool stuff on my shelves, be buddies. that sort of thing. i am lonely. this is lonely. i don't think i want to let it go yet. i know this can't be forever, but i feel like i'm not done yet. maybe you don't even read these things. maybe no one does.
Nicole posts on 3/15/2005 1:27:14 PM Marya has written a fiction novel. It was released a month or two ago. It's called, "The Center of Winter." You should check it out. It's fantastic.
Sherry posts on 3/11/2005 6:24:48 PM I just took my 18 year old niece to an inpatient eating disorder clinic. I read Marya's book to gain additional insight into eating disorders. I wholeheartedly appreciate her frank honesty. While it is difficult for many of us to be that transparent, she shared her choices and experiences like I've not seen written before. The book helped me to realize I can encourage and support my niece but it will be up to her to make the final decision and choice. I also appreciate Marya's incredible talent for writing. Well done Marya! Thank you for sharing and helping me understand. Thank you for the glimpse into your life and heart.
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