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connor posts on 8/25/2009 6:42:39 AM yeh i agree with you two. BEST BOOK
adam posts on 5/9/2005 11:05:32 PM I have a couple things to say. First, you dont have to be a veteran or a republican to like these books. I am neither and he is my favorite author. Second, who cares if the books arent believable, it doesnt matter. What matters is that they are entertaining. If you dont understand the technical stuff because you are an idiot, then just read the books because they have great characters and good stories.
B White posts on 1/4/2005 4:21:12 AM To anyone who did not like his books, just say you didn't and offer the key points to why if you must. As with TV where you can change the channel, just don't buy another of his books. Some people, mainly military veterans liked Ice Station and Area 7. If you're not a veteran or you're a democrat, then keep your liberal views to yourself and let the rest of us enjoy them. Temple was a bit away from Lt Shane Schofield, but it was just as good if not better (but that is MY opinion, NOT yours). To Matt, I loved all of your books. I have not boughgt contest yet, but suppose it will be just as good. Please puch them to release "Scarecrow" and please don't kil him off. Schofield is the classic pro-tagonist, and a fun character to read about, along with Libby, Mother, Book/Book II and all the others. Keep up the great works of fiction, especially those with Scarecrow, and to hell with anyone who doesn't like your books....they can just as easily buy another book or never buy it to begin with B

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