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morrissey, dale and mike and bob posts on 9/22/2009 9:34:37 PM Emily: I hope I hear from you. You have been on my mind. Your new book looks great. (The Juggler's Journey). I will look to buy it soon. Michael and I speak of you often. He so enjoyed learning to juggle with you. He got very good and for a couple of years we had a juggling club going at a local park on Tuesday nights in the gym. But that has fizzled away. Mike's playing football and getting ready to apply to colleges, but never forgets about his juggling years. Our neighbor, Austin Roush, got very good as a result of Michael's influence and spent 4 years in Sailor Circus here at Sarasota High. He also went to circus camps in Vermont for several summers. So many people were inspired as a result of your kindess! Also, I have a set of Disney Princess balls that I have been saving in case you ever got to stop to see us again. I thougtht for Xenia. So if you have an address, they are new and I would love to send them. Regards to your husband and daughter. The Morrisseys Michael, Dale and Bob

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