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Howard posts on 7/19/2005 5:37:12 PM The third book is called "The Fall of Darkness". According to Mercedes Lackey's webpage we can expect this book in late 2005 early 2006. I just finished the first two and they were great! ML indicates that there will be a second triology after this one is completed.
john posts on 7/16/2005 4:10:16 PM yeah i know but if he doesnt get a dragon ill be disapointed realllyyyy I probably wont even finish the book
rene posts on 7/16/2005 7:17:51 AM ok that's true but there should be some one on the ground too don't you think, it's not that now jermayan have power grader than kellen his skills are better too. and maybe kellen will get a dragon! (couse he had a dream that a person that looks just like him flew on a dragon if I remember correctly) that would be assome.

john posts on 7/15/2005 8:02:37 PM yeah but know jermayan get s all the atanchan and kellen has a horse its just not rite and he is suposed to be the great knight mage how can he be great with out a dragon. Because know jermayan is stronger then him so whats the point if hes such a strong knight mage
rene posts on 7/14/2005 1:40:44 PM couse kellen is better of on the ground with his ability than in the air don't you think so. and there will be a story around jermayan to so more fillin. man i cant wait to the third book comes out but probibly i'll have to wait an nother 3 months before it comes out in the netherlands
john posts on 7/13/2005 12:19:06 PM Woww jermayan isnt even the main character. Why should he get the dragon.
rene posts on 7/12/2005 2:39:47 PM i don't think so bud i do think that kellen and vestakia are getting something with each other
john posts on 7/11/2005 4:55:09 PM Does any one think kellen bonds with a dragon?
chrissy posts on 6/22/2005 4:49:30 PM Book 3 is called "The Fall of Darkness". Its posted onMercedes Lackey's website
errin posts on 6/15/2005 8:11:51 PM i loved the books it only took me a week to read both of them and i've already read both of them over. i'm simply dying with suspense for the next one to come out anyone know a title
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