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Rick Ellis posts on 1/1/2012 Rick Ellis has just written a review of The Gods of Guilt which you can see here
Kathy Ediss posts on 1/1/2012 Kathy Ediss has just written a review of The Drop which you can see here
emoman posts on 12/9/2011 5:09:25 PM When did Harry get rid of his Mercedes for the Mustang?

Jamie posts on 11/27/2011 3:16:39 PM As an avid fan of Michael Connelly, I can't wait until "The Drop" is released. I also recently discovered that he has published a collection of short stories on Harry Bosch entitled "Angle of Investigation". Unfortunately, it is in ebook format. I was wondering when or if it will be published in printed form. Also, in my opinion, Viggo Mortensen would be the perfect Harry Bosch!
Robert Sohr posts on 9/1/2011 5:43:18 PM Just finished The Reversal. Had problems with the plot. The defense theory was supposed to be that the family created a straw man to defer attention from the stepfather as the killer. Now, 24 years later, both the stepfather and the mother are dead. The defense says Sarah, who was abused by the stepfather, is lying to protect him. Why would she? Haller, where were you on this?
Nick posts on 3/26/2011 5:42:26 PM I wrote this blog about my whole Michael Connelly reading marathon titled 'How Michael Connelly books saved my sanity'.
kitty posts on 4/25/2009 9:56:57 PM is anyone willing to summarize each chapter, in moderate detail?
Allan posts on 5/18/2008 2:24:08 PM I am reading or re-reading all the Connelly books in order. I am reading the Narrows now (for the 2nd time.) I enjoy keeping things in order but find I remember some books more than others. While reading the Narrows I like the references to the Blood Work movie and noticed it was on tcv so I watched it last night. Now I remember the reason for the killings from the book (not mentioned in the movie) I forget who the killer is in the book - definitely not Buddy (and I can see why he doesn't like his portrayal.) Can someone tell me who the killer was in Blood Work? Allan
Pat Narike posts on 9/5/2007 11:17:27 AM Everytime I read a Bosch novel, I try to think of an actor who would portray Bosch, if novels were made into TV movies. I can't come up with the perfect guy. Can you?
Pat Narike posts on 9/2/2007 12:03:16 PM For some strange reason, I just found this forum. Not much action, is there? MC is my most favorite author in this genre, especially those novels with Harry Bosch. Tho, I must say Blood Work w/Terry McCaleb was the most fascinating and have read it 3 times. When the big-screen movie was shown on tv, I was greatly disappointed with who was made the killer...was not the one in the book! Clint Eastwood was quite good as McCaleb. Once the winter winds begin, I plan on rereading every one of MC's novels, from the very beginning. Come on, MC readers, let's move more on this forum!!! Connelly is well-worth it!
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