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Sharon posts on 4/28/2012 5:15:35 PM Believe The Rule of Law was renamed Death Song, most likely because it was too near previous book title, Color of Law. Hypotesize that publisher didn't want readers to think they already had this book in the series. Might be anotheer year before anyone comes to this site, but until I hear differently, I think I'm right! Go Lobos.
Carol Schmuhl posts on 7/6/2011 8:03:06 PM What happened to THE RULE OF LAW? I cannot find it anywhere, and I am sure a good chunk of the story line and character formations are lost without this book. It was supposed to be out in August 2007. ???? HELP
Ken & Inez Foster posts on 6/12/2011 1:18:47 PM Michael, We are a retired couple, we read aloud to each other after breakfast. Our first book is Mexican Hat, we are enjoying it and think it is a great novel and you are a great writer. Please keep writing, as we will venture on and read all you have written. Thank you for the enjoyment you have given us with your book. Ken & Inez Foster, Texas

Becky Spahn posts on 3/20/2010 5:03:29 PM I have recently found your books and am in the process of reading them all -that's how great I think they are! My question however, involves the resolution of Kerney's wife Sara in the Dublin escapade and her troubles with the Pentagon - it feels like you somewhat left this issue hanging and without resolution. Is it ever addressed in later books? In Death Song she is just back in NM and dealing with her time in Iraq, but no details..... and in Dead or Alive she has a posting to London.... Thank you for a great series!
Peggy Hardwick posts on 1/6/2010 9:09:42 PM I have all of your books and want to know when you will have a new one published.... Happy New Year, Thanks Peggy
Faye Gilio posts on 6/13/2008 11:05:28 AM I have read all your books,and am awaiting the next. You are simply a great Story teller. I absolutely Love Kevin and you too. Keep up the wonderful work.We love teading your books...Faye
Delores posts on 5/8/2007 6:51:20 PM Ever since reading Mr. McGarrity's first book I've been hooked (and I've read them all). Excellent writing, plots and descriptive scenery and I've not noticed anything terribly bad about the language. In today's standard of offensive language he's very mild, which I would commend.
Dorothy posts on 5/1/2007 10:05:33 PM There was no bad language here!!!!! All good reading, can't wait for the next one!
George posts on 2/1/2007 4:43:38 PM In Nothing but Trouble it left a person hanging regarding what happen to the wife. Will this be the plot for your next book?
Norman posts on 1/12/2007 11:00:21 AM I am in the middle of 'Nothing But Trouble', trying to make it last until August '07. What a hopeless cause! I have read all the McGarrity/Kerney books and have found them to be informative, geographically accurate and very much in keeping with todays representative lifestyles on both sides of the law. As a lifelong resident and traveler of New Mexico I have been to many of the places Michael has written about. It really gives a beautiful mental image to the stories as I actually see, not merely imagine, the Plaza of Santa Fe or the White Sands and Alamogordo area or Caseys Cabins in beautiful Ruidoso. I am anxiously awaiting the 'Rule Of Law'. Keep up the good work, Michael!
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