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posts on 10/12/2006 1:24:00 AM Kevin, 5 seems about right to me. Let's see, from memory. Let Not the Deep, Angel Seven, Dark Rose, King's Shilling, Long Reach and Heraklion Blue. Personally I thought HB was easily as good as LR. Then again, it could be because I've got a mate who used to be Commacchio. Hmm, self-publishing. Matthew Reilly used it to get stared, maybe Mike could use it to "keep going".
posts on 10/6/2006 12:56:35 PM I have just read this book and whilst I enjoyed it I found it did not have the excitement of Long Reach which I consider to be the best book written by MLW. It also cost me £85 to buy and I subsequently sold it for £75 less comm to Amazon! Still it was worth the difference. I would love to read Broken Square, any chance it will be published, MLW what does it cost to print it oneself?? Do you have a big enough following to do that?? CB
posts on 9/15/2006 2:57:58 PM silly question I've got 5 of Mikes books, have I missed any ? Apart fm Herak blue.

posts on 9/15/2006 10:08:15 AM Just read my favourite MLW book (for about the 10th time!). With the world as it is today, may be it is time for "Tarbaby 2" Thanks for a great read Mike.
posts on 9/15/2006 4:51:52 AM Thanks for the kind words guys, reprints? Who knows. Someone will eventually I guess, vur when I don't know. I am working on a new book now, but its a huge thing, and is taking a while. Mike
posts on 9/14/2006 4:53:01 PM will your last 2 books be reprinted,also will their be any new material,in the near future. thanks craig
posts on 9/13/2006 7:16:24 AM Now that you have regained the rights to this book do you intend to publish it, if so when? Your keen fans are waiting.
posts on 8/16/2006 10:37:19 AM Hi all, I have recently purchased two of Mike's titles on Amazon. I got Long Reach, Let not the deep. I bought King's Shilling from a sale of books at my local library and have recently seen it in a charity shop, too. They are out there and you really do have to just keep your eyes open and do the charity shop "run" as much as you can. Mike: Can't wait to read more as I think your books are suberb. Cheers Mate!
posts on 8/14/2006 5:26:40 PM I have not seen your books in the shops in a long while and was wondering if you arestill writing and how to get hold of you new books. like the ones i read a lot so wanted some more
posts on 8/4/2006 9:43:18 PM Michael. Interested to learn you are writing a tome on Rho. Sounds heavy duty, m' (x) farming relatives will love it. (Hope you include life as it was in the 'good times - 50's - 60's. a la 'White Mischief'; including P.G.L-W, et al and all those shennanigans, which you were too young to be aware of) PS: What of yr twin Andrew and older bro Anthony. Is yr Mama still alive and well? Sorry to hear about yr Papa.
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