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posts on 5/23/2006 6:02:11 PM I have a colleague who is an avid fan of Mike and wants to read the above title. He is not IT literate and I boasted you can anything on the Internet. But so far I've drawn a blank. Tried Amazon but after eight weeks they gave up as it appears the book is no longer published. I agree with earlier comments. Maybe Mike needs another publisher. Anyone help?
posts on 5/18/2006 7:48:58 PM Mike, Long time. Hope you're very well. Glad to hear the literary stuff is going according to plan. Give me a shout when you have a window. B.
posts on 4/27/2006 1:53:27 PM Couldn't agree more with Nick was a brill read very hard to get hold of, even in hard back. Let not the Deep was brill as well,in fact apart fm Angels Seven all good keep up the good work.

posts on 4/10/2006 12:07:06 PM I have to confess to not understanding publishers. I have read all of Mr Kunnon-Wood's published books and there are some great stories in there. I mean, check out the feedback on Amazon for a start! So we have a talented author who is being marketed badly by his publishers, despite really stong feedback and great story-telling. I note that Hereklion Blue has not made it to paperback yet and that was another great story. Mike, you need a new publisher!
Jason Webb posts on 10/17/2005 10:56:15 AM I have tried for 18 months to get a copy, to no avail! Can anyone assist me / point me in the right direction? Has anyone got a spare copy to sell? HELP !!!
Michael Barnard posts on 8/8/2005 7:40:51 AM G'Day Mike, Have enjoyed all the books so far well writen and of ordinary people like so many doing the impossible oftern shown lik with the FALKLANDS Well done. Michael.
Patrick Welby-Everard posts on 7/31/2005 4:27:46 AM Hi Mike, Hope you are well. Looking forward to the new book, if you are able to supply signed copies when you have finished it please let us know I'm sure there will be people who would be intested. regards
Mike Lunnon-Wood posts on 7/31/2005 4:08:54 AM Guys, thanks for these comments and questions. broken square was never actually printed. HarperCollins bought the rights and never used them - they have since reverted to me, so there are no copies of 'Broken Square' at all. 'Kings Shilling'? All I can suggest is Amazon frequently have used copies of KIngs Shilling available for sale. Go on to and put in an order for one. The new project 'Rhodesia' is only half finished and I will let you folks know when its been sold and to whom. Mike
John Ottaway posts on 7/3/2005 11:18:37 AM Mike Having read all your books except Broken Square, I would like to know whether it is being reprinted. Also, are you writing another yet, and if so, when will it be published, and by whom? In anticipation...
David posts on 4/21/2005 1:16:35 PM Hi, don't know if you could help or not but my father is after a copy of the kings shilling but unfortunately it is out of print, do you know where I could get hold of a copy please. Thanks
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