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David Velez posts on 4/28/2005 12:10:21 PM Mike, I think it's ironic that the same baseball owners and commissioner who stood by and did nothing while numerous baseball stars juiced up on steroids, are openly opposed to letting Pete Rose into the baseball hall of fame for betting on baseball. While I agree that Pete should not be allowed into the hall of fame for violating the integrity of the game, I'm appalled that these owners have also violated the integrity of the game in the interest of money and nothing is done about it. Too bad we can't ban them. What would happen to a CEO of a major corporation if it was revealed he knew his employees were breaking the law and in the interest of greed, looked the other way? The lack of leadership and integrity demonstrated by the owners is bad for the game and sets a terrible example for the youth who will stop following baseball in the years to come. The degradation of the corporate values that led to the collapse of Enron and Tyco are the same values that are destrying the game I so dearly miss. We need a strong LEADER to replace the commissioner and take it from an overmanaged organization to an integrity led sport again. How I miss when it was just a game. David Velez Valrico, Florida
Robby posts on 4/18/2005 3:43:18 PM I think this is an Amazing book, i've never read any of his work before, but this is amazing!! i hate to read, but reading this puts joy back into reading!

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