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Jennifer posts on 4/3/2008 5:17:11 PM What is Mildred D. Taylor's mailing adress?!?
pamelaanthony posts on 2/21/2008 10:45:27 AM Ms. Taylor I am an educator and introduced your books to my students over 10 yrs. ago and they adore them. About five yrs ago my classes wrote yuo letters regarding your books but never heard from you.This yr. 2008 we will like to do the same after reading the three but I need a physical address. Could you make that happen.Theses students in Texas really want to communicate with you!! Thanks and anticapting a message from you.
4angel81 posts on 2/15/2008 11:29:22 PM Are you really going to make a book called Logan? If so please tell me where Ii can get a copy of it I have been dying to know what happens to Moe, Cassie, Her Brothers and all the others. You are my favorite writer ever I love your books so much that I would literally skip school just to read it all day. The book that got me hooked is Let the Circle Be Unbroken. I cried for a very long time when I found out Stacey ran away. I tjought he was a goner for sure. If you do write the Logan could you please include Suzella in it and who she marries and if he is white or black? I wish I could see you in person so I could ask you so many of my unanswered questions. Pleeeeease write a sequel to The Road To Memphis. I heard it was supposed to come out in 2004, is this true? I am 12 and started reading your books at age 11. You really inspire me to make something out of myself like Moe wanted to do for Cassie. - You Ride and Die Fan

Nellie posts on 2/3/2008 3:04:19 PM I absolutely LOVE the Logan family and the books about them! I first read the books in fifth grade and have fallen in love with everyone of them! When I found out that there was going to be another book called Logan I was so excited, but then recently I read that it was suppossed to be out in 2004. Does anyone know if anything has happened? Although it's probably just taking up a long time (most of her books have gaps between the publishing date). I hope it comes out soon! I will be the first in line to get it!
JC posts on 1/30/2008 7:19:26 PM tracy, you can ask them to come up with an ending with Moe, Cassie, Solomon and everybody else that were kind of left out. have them write a chapter or something that ties it all together. does anybody have any idea when Logan is coming out? the last i heard was 2004 and that's come and gone.
4angel81 posts on 1/30/2008 10:12:09 AM I love your books because they teach me about my history. I never really knew just how hard it was to live back then being Black.Mildred D. Taylors books really inspire me to take a stand and do something for my people. I get really angry when I just learn about my peoples hardships through life.
Tracy posts on 1/26/2008 10:43:31 PM I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on an assignment I could give my students after requiring them to read the Roll of Thunder trilogy. The group of kids is very advanced.
Sarah posts on 1/26/2008 10:36:01 PM Hi. My name is Sarah Church. I really enjoy your books. I first got into them when I was in middle school when I was 14 in an english class. I am now 24 and I am still into them. I was just wondering if you will be writing any more books about the Logan family. If not I understand because writting a book I bet takes time and is a lot of work. So again I understand. Thanks for writting the books you did write.Also thank for taking time to read this when you get a chance. Thanks Again, Sarah Church
Tracy posts on 12/5/2007 11:20:19 AM To Rugena, I would think that if you sent a letter to Mildred Taylor to the address of the publishing company on one of her books, then they would get it to her. I've done that before with authors, but I haven't ever written to Ms. Taylor. Tracy
Rugena Modisett posts on 12/5/2007 10:35:42 AM I'm researching MIldred, presenting in college on 12/15/07. I would love to hear something form Mildred. Any way to contact her? If so please e-mail me.
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