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Miriam Nerlove posts on 12/13/2006 6:51:01 PM Dear Edward and Person From Past, just a note to thank you for your kind words...I happened on this site just yesterday. Edward, was lovely hearing from you and that things are going well--I remember getting in touch a bit years ago through Ken? And the other doesn't say who you are...and neither message has an e-mail address for if either of you happens to come upon this, please know I am sorry to so belatedly be responding, and that I don't really have a way of getting back to you directly? But again, thank you so much for the kind words from both of you!
posts on 6/13/2006 4:51:45 PM Some people never fade from your memory. If you check this site, drop me a note, I'd love to hear from you. I'll fill you in on my family, etc.
Edward Nerlove posts on 11/21/2005 12:31:40 AM Hello Meriam...I was perusing the internet and spotted your name and this book review. It is indeed unfortunate we never met and in addition, being separated by so many miles. I live in Henderson, Nevada; a suburb of Las Vegas. I moved here to retire five years ago but I continued to work. I can be contacted by E-Mail if you desire. Very truly yours, Edward Nerlove

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