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Jodie posts on 4/20/2008 3:29:34 PM This book has a feel to it, like you were there when Mitch visited Morrie every Tuesday. It really spoke to me in ways that are unimaginalbe. This is a fantastic book.
Janette posts on 11/30/2006 3:21:11 PM I think tuesdays with Morrie is a wonderful piece of literature; not any piece of literature but more like an advice to everyone. It is a MUST read.
Meria posts on 2/16/2005 3:38:50 PM I just have a response to OldStudents post. I value his opinion, but I think the way in which he presented it was uncalled for and shows a lack of respect for people who read the book and enjoy it, and a lack of understanding of the author's intent.

M posts on 2/16/2005 3:33:30 PM I thought the book was an excellent piece or art. The way everything flows together and the imagery in this book is superb. I think that those out there that don't respect this book do not have enough intelligience to understand the meaning behind every passage. This wonderful book leaves you in awe and it also expands your imagination.

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