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Dr.Raouf Wasfy posts on 8/30/2005 2:25:31 AM Sir.I am a teacher in an Egyptian University.I am doing a research about "Outstanding ideas in SF". Many critics recommended your novel "Feed".As it is very hard to send hard currency from my country,I'll be much obliged if you can send me a copy or photocopy or to my E-Mail.The reasearch will be distributed in the middle east,a copy will be sent to you .Please send me your address.Thank you in advance.Your prompt answer will be highly appreciated.Dr.Raouf Wasfy. Address: 130 Nile Street , Agouza , Dokki , Giza , EGYPT.
Matt Pauli posts on 8/30/2005 12:30:18 AM To reply to what commentator Wonkata___ said: From limited knowledge of the book (first two chapters in online preview), I think _Feed_'s style of five-word sentences is modeled after that of Faulkner, but I don't think Anderson could possibly carry the "stream of consciousness" as well as Faulkner did to add depth to his work. (Faulkner used this Modernist format to better develop symbols, themes, and allusions.) My first impression is that this "stream of consiousness" style (within _Feed_) is meant to better reflect the fast-paced, perhaps simplistic, way in which the main character is thinking. While Faulkner allows for comments on class, the power of words, the selfish nature of humans, the breakdown of morality and traditional ontological ground, I feel that, again, Feed's narration is geared more to emphasize the power the Feed has had on society, perhaps to serve as an Orwellian warning. (Banners come to MIND). It might also be noted that in the world Anderson has created, speech and text is irrelevant, so really the only way to write the book is in thoughts, and most thoughts, when imposed on paper, are confusing, poorly organized, in vernacular, and lacking in substance. I can't really say more without reading the book. Sorry if this response is boring, or too "heavy" for the nature of this forum. As "stream of consciousness" does, I have a tendancy to (meg) confuse and scare away the average reader. Matt Pauli
giggles posts on 8/25/2005 5:00:55 PM i am trying to finde more out about "feed" like what dose evry one thhink about it? would they recomend it to any preticular age groops? and dose any one think that a 13 year old would like it?

jacob posts on 8/20/2005 1:04:13 AM does anyone know what t.s. elliot poem this is from? i thought it was "love song to alfred prufud" (sp...tired now) but couldn't find it. please help me and i'll bake you cookies and bring you flowers!!
wonkatania posts on 7/27/2005 11:28:35 AM hey,not that im complaining or anything, but i thought it was funny how MT Anderson wrote in like, 5 word sentences. is there a particular reason for this? does anyone know?
EsmeIsIn posts on 3/25/2005 3:37:06 PM Hmmmm, really anonymous? I don't see anything of substance in YOUR post, you fuctard hypocrite. and also I GOT IN I GOT IN I GOT IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got the letter an hour ago.
Anonymous posts on 3/22/2005 10:50:18 PM EsmeIsIn, you nerd. Schmuck or no schmuck, at least I'm honest. Try posting a little more next time, instead of hehe, I really like it, hehe, I agree, hehe, wish me luck, hehe, puke.
Dr.Raouf Wasfy posts on 3/16/2005 2:37:29 AM I am a teacher in an Egyptian University.I am doing a research about "Outstanding Ideas in Modern SF".Many critics recommeded your Novel"Feed".Please send me a photocopy,to be included in my research.Thank you.Dr.Raouf
EsmeIsIn posts on 2/25/2005 9:03:40 PM So you read The Feed but you don't know what it's about? Thats retarded! Or did you mean that you heard that it is cool? If that is the case I would explain it to you.
ruby posts on 2/23/2005 7:44:03 PM hey i wanted to know wut ur book was about the feed book it cool but i don't wut it's about it
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