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posts on 4/30/2006 3:57:11 AM Hi, Bob. Really happy you enjoyed Kingdom of Lies. Yes, it did involve quite a bit of research - luckily, I have a lot of cop friends in the UK to give me pointers and tell me when I get it wrong. As for the dialect, I walked around a lot eavesdropping on people scribbling in a little notebook. Very embarrassing whenever I got caught! I'm working on the sequel - slower than I'd like due to a back injury - but I do have another book coming out next year from St. Martin's, called 'Redemption'; set in Montana rather than the UK, and under my pseudonym, Lee Jackson (to keep it separated from the Kingdom series). Hopefully, you'll enjoy that one as well. Thank you for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed the novel. It's nice to actually get to 'see' your audience a little! Cheers, Lee
posts on 4/29/2006 6:13:33 PM Nicely done! Intricate structure - must have involved a great amount of research - good ear for dialects - keen insight into human nature - excellent and credible handling of each character. Thanks for an interesting, entertaining and informative detective novel. Ken Dunliffe has an intuition, doggedness and casaual regard of regulations and orders similar to that of Barbara Havers in the Elizabeth George series. I'll look for more of your work. Bob Martin, Albuquerque
posts on 4/17/2006 12:24:17 PM I hope that your problem will soon be something of the past, I really know how bad what you have is, my husband went through something similar, so I really know how bad the pain can be. One humble suggestion, maybe among your friends there is a computer whiz who can install for your one of those programs of voice recognition, you talk the PC does the rest. And as for NORMALLY, I am sorry to tell that there is no such thing. Normal is a myth as old as time to which we silly mortals cling to, if nothing else out of fear. So please don't be normal, or normally do things. You write to well for that. Take a chance, be daring and yes, write a sequel of each one of all your books, if nothing else to NORMALLY do it like everyone else. Cheers - Marta

posts on 4/13/2006 5:33:31 AM I don't NORMALLY do sequels, at least not for the sf books, this is true. But for the crime books, it was sort of the deal, which because I did have an idea for a follow-on, I was happy to make. I'm about half-way through the next book for the Kingdom series (if that's what it becomes), which unfortunately has been slowed down by a slipped/ruptured disk in my spine! Not fun. Very hard to type when you're lying flat on your back most of the day, I'm afraid. I'm writing in the mornings only these days - by noon, it's too much. But fingers crossed, a new Kingdom book should be on a shelf near you in the not too distant future...
posts on 4/11/2006 2:54:34 PM A sequel, interesting. As you said before you are not inclined to do them, but, then again, here you are, and the thing about sequels is that they are adictive (or so I have been told) so now is a question of just waiting. And as the chinesse say: sit at the front door of you house and you will see the next sequel pass by. Cheers Marta
lee wood posts on 3/14/2006 3:04:15 PM Hey, up, Martha Adams. Thanks for the kind words. You're in luck - I'm working on the the sequel to 'Kingdom of Lies' as we speak; it'll be titled 'Kingdom of Silence', set during the foot and mouth epidemic of 2001. St. Martin's has also bought another book, this one a mainstream novel, called 'Redemption', which will be published under my pseudonym, 'Lee Jackson'. It's not a mystery, but it's got a lot of the elements of K of L in it you might enjoy. But if you like K of L, please do feel free to write my editors a nice letter saying so!! :-) Cheers, Lee
Martha Adams posts on 3/13/2006 8:17:21 PM I hope that Ms Wood will use these characters to create a series. I am a mystery fan of long standing, especially British mysteries, and I enjoyed this first excursion into the genre very much.
Anonymous posts on 1/31/2006 5:13:06 PM Well, I'm happy you enjoyed the book, anyway, John. Enough, I hope, for you to give my other books a go. Thanks for posting!
John Fleming posts on 1/27/2006 7:03:17 PM I liked Master of None, but I have to say I don't see why Nathan was a savior-type character. A matriarchy without the need for saving would have been just fine!
Marta posts on 10/30/2005 9:15:06 AM Lee would you by any chance know when your last book will be available in UK? It seems I am not the only one asking for sequels, who know maybe we'll make a case strong enough for you to reconsider your present verdict. After all isn't that the point of the court of appeals. And if nothing else moves you, well, just think in how the women in "Master of None" saw the wisdom in compromising and trying new things. Perseverance is the key to success, or so I have been told. Cheers - Marta
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